by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

DJ handle: Veda Shock!

What it means: I tried to come up with a name that resembles the music I play. Veda reminds me of the cosmic side. Shock! is for the intensity and heaviness of the beats.

Real name: Allison Williams

What I play: I usually play a mix of dubstep and electro, something I like to call “dubtro.”

Catch me at: All around NC from the beach to the mountains. Lately I’ve been playing in Greensboro.

Upcoming shows: First Annual Skirt Flirt Rockfest & Dubstep after-party on Friday at the Blind Tiger and the Triad EDM Massive: Valentine’s Edition on Feb. 10 in Winston Salem with an all-female lineup.

Got in the game: I became a DJ in 2010 Why I do it: I’ve followed the scene since the year 2000 when a friend who went by the name “Sunshine” introduced me to trance music. Soon after, I found drum and bass and fell in love. I had friends that would get together and spin records and I tried learning from them. Around the beginning of 2010, I noticed how dubstep reinvented itself and how this change evolved the music in an amazing new way. That’s when I decided to sharpen my skills and become a serious DJ.

Influences: Aphex Twin, Concord Dawn, Noisia, the Upbeats, Nero, Feed Me, Bare Noize, the Prodigy, Kill the Noise, Element01, Slyde, Slypp, DNA, Titan Zero, KJ Sawka, Massive Dynamics, Cloak n Dagger, Crewless, Ghostnote, Square D, LiL Saint Dee, Luna Jade, Redstar, Ouroboros, Trupain and Moodswing.

First gig: Freddie’s in Winston-Salem Studio work: As far as production goes I’m still learning the programs. I definitely would love to be able to add to the evolution of the scene.

Signature mix: My 20 minute Kwik-E on It’s short, but I enjoy it.

Personal playlist: No Doubt, the Specials, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Flogging Molly

Favorite albums: There are too many favorites, so I’ll mention the one that started it all: Paul Oakenfold — Tranceport.

Equipment: Two CDJs and a mixer or Technic 1200s


I’d like to add: For bookings, please email to