Valerie Lamine

by Brian Clarey

Valerie Lamine drives around town in a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top and oversize tires that growled like a tiger when it roared into the parking lot of YES! Weekly headquarters in Adams Farm. The 2004 Ragsdale High School graduate was making the most of her time between her morning duties as a cosmetology student at GTCC and her afternoon gig at Ski & Tennis Station on Lawndale Drive. Ms. Lamine recently took first place at her college’s annual hairstyle fashion show with an avant garde ‘do. “It was like an eight-inch mohawk?” she says in that curious inflection used by so many women of her generation. “With peacock feathers?” Her own hair has been at varying times black, blue, purple and pink, all of which looked great when she tore through town in that big-ass Jeep of hers.