Violent crime rates down in Greensboro last year

by Jeff Sykes

Greensboro police reported a double-digit drop in the overall crime rate for 2014 this week with significant drops in violent crimes and a 12 percent decline in crimes against property.There were 457 less burglaries in Greensboro during 2014 than the previous year, a 15.4 percent reduction. It was the largest drop in the property crimes category. Auto thefts were up, according to police data, by a total number of 10 incidents, a 2 percent increase. Stolen vehicles were the only property crimes category to increase.The city finished 2014 with 25 homicides, two less than the previous year. Greensboro police reported an overall 7.4 percent drop in violent crimes, led by a 25 percent reduction in the number of reported rapes. Fifty-two rapes were reported to police in 2014, compared to 70 in 2013.Interim Chief of Police Anita Holder said in a press release that teamwork between the public and the Greensboro Police Department was critical to building a safer city.More detailed statistics are available at the GPD website.Police commanders and city officials plan a series of community meetings next month to improve communication and public trust in the city’s police department.The search for a new police chief is moving forward, with six internal candidates and a total of 44 applicants for the job. Sources indicated that finalists will be chosen in the coming weeks.