Viviana Thompson

by Brian Clarey

If you spend any time downtown after dark then you’ve probably seen this week’s Page Three model, Viviana Thompson, at one place or another. The woman, who at 40 years of age still has the goods to make men tilt their heads like German shepherds, is an interesting mix of contradictions: a sexy mother of two teenager girls and a 5-year-old boy; a party girl with a philosophical mind; a native of Colombia (and we’re not talking about the university) with a degree from Brigham Young (this time we are talking about the university, though Viviana attended the less-celebrated campus in Laie, Hawaii). ‘“I had to be good,’” she says of her years at the Mormon school. ‘“My shorts have to be this long,’” indicating a spot just above her knee. ‘“I’ve had plenty of challenges,’” she says, ‘“[but] each one is a stepping stone. We all have challenges ‘— it’s the way we handle them that makes the difference. I’m forty and I’m still stepping.’” (See more photos of Viviana on the website: