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Obama must realize that we can handle the truth

You hear it every four years without For the truth is that there are no fail. In fact, I’m quick fixes. The problems may not be not sure you can insurmountable, but we’re looking have a presidential at planting seeds that may not bear election without both fruit for a couple of generations. I still candidates droning maintain that the moment he takes on in clichéd fashion office an immediate mood elevation, a about how “this is the most important election of our lifetime.” The Big “O” Blah blah de ding dong blah. Funny thing happened on the way to the polls, though — this really is the most important election of our lifetime, because the victor will be replacing the most incompetent, corrupt, misguided and morally bereft administration in the history of the nation. There is so much wreckage to clean up after that to wait another four (or eight) years to begin the process of reversing course and restoring sanity might well prove catastrophic. Without seeming overly dramatic, it may be too late. Indeed, blues brothers and sisters, we are standing at the crossroads; hellhounds on our trail. President Obama — or as we on the left like to call him, “Backpedaling Barack” — is going to inherit such an overwhelming array of problems that just sorting them out and prioritizing them will be a daunting task. Dismayed though we are over his capitulation on FISA, gun control, abortion, etc. and his advocacy of faith-based programs, beefing up the military and other issues designed to placate the right, we have no choice but to support him. And he and his handlers know it. But once in office, those of us whose support has turned from red hot to lukewarm must put the heat on him to make bold, sweeping changes, not Band-Aid lifting of the pall that’s been hovering over us like a funeral shroud for eight godawful years will take place. But before the psychic change that’s needed can occur, he is going to have to grease the skids with some tough love. The hope that is the hallmark of his campaign can only manifest itself as a result of some brutal honesty about the nature of the challenges that lie ahead. Rather than tell us to go shopping and let Uncle Sam take care of everything like Whatsizbush did, we need to be shown the harsh reality that the things we’ve taken for granted are no longer possible, that the lifestyle to which we’ve become accustomed is nearing an end, that the American dream

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