Volunteers: Greensboro Urban Ministry provides food, clothing and shelter for those in need.

by Daniel Bayer

Urban Ministry Clothing Bank manager Pamela Warner organizes and sorts clothes in the Free Clothing Bank and Thrift Store.

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, a night outside on city streets without a roof over one’s head is still fraught with discomfort and danger. That’s why volunteers at the Greensboro Urban Ministry are busy preparing help for those who lack food, clothing and shelter as winter approaches, according to volunteer coordinator Gail Gore-Lewis.

Volunteer Alice Weyers prepares a food package in the Greensboro Food Bank. She says she volunteers because she “likes to give back to the community.”

“We’ve got room for over one hundred people in our night shelter,” Gore-Lewis says. Those who use the shelter have to leave by 7 a.m., she adds.

In addition to the night shelter, the Urban Ministry offers emergency assistance for rent and utility bills, a food bank, transitional housing for families, a clothing bank/thrift store and free meals every day at Potter’s House. Those applying for financial aid have to be able to document need for the service.

Ed Driver, seen here sorting cans at the food bank, has been a volunteer at the Urban Ministry since 1991.

The Urban Ministry is located at the corner of Lee and Eugene streets, an intersection that serves as a ground zero for Greensboro’s homeless. Many spend their days plying an endless circuit between the ministry, the Beloved Community Center hospitality house on Arlington Street, the downtown library and the various locations where Food Not Bombs distributes meals.

Alice Weyers, who volunteers at the food bank, says she’s motivated by a desire to do good things for others.

“I like to give back to the community,” she says.

If you’d like to volunteer at the Urban Ministry, call 336.271.5959 and ask for Gore-Lewis or Marian Anita Johnson.

Pat Murphy, Ann Patterson, Nancy Bausman and Rachel Turner (l-r) serve food at Potter’s House Community Kitchen. Meals are served everyday between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.