WHITE NOISE: News and Views from inside the Media Bubble

by YES! Staff

News and Views from inside the Media Bubble

Dash logo has phallic undertones

A reader of popular sports blog shared his thoughts on the interesting shape of the logo for the new name of the Winston-Salem minor league baseball franchise in an item posted to the website last week. After an elaborate ceremony at the Millennium Center Dec. 4, the reader weighed in on the new look of the team’s moniker. “Hey guys, so I hate to have to play the ‘penis’ card here, but somebody down in North Carolina needs to be admonished for selecting a logo with some very Freudian undertones,” the reader’s post states. The blogger characterized the selection of “The Dash” as the team’s new name as “unfortunate.” However, he saved his harshest criticism for the baseball team’s design department that created a logo “reminiscent of an angry, frothing, purple phallus.” The new logo for the baseball team formerly known as the Winston-Salem Warthogs was unveiled during a New Year’s Eve-themed event. As the clocks ticked to zero, team owner Billy Prim and Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines pulled back a black tarpaulin to reveal the team’s new name and logo to a big round of applause from the more than 700 people in attendance. The ceremony was highlighted by Prim’s announcement that he would be the sole owner of the baseball team and the new downtown ballpark currently under construction. Prim also said his company, Sports Menagerie LLC, and Brookstown Development Partners are going to invest an additional $16 million in the stadium, bringing its final price tag to $38 million. — KB

Virtual piracy

Illuminati Karate is a web-design firm located in Raleigh that made national news last week with a purchase that cost less than $10. George Huger, the company’s lead web developer, was scanning a list of website domain names set to expire when he came across www., and snapped it up. This dismayed web developers Yuma Solutions, the company out of Tallahassee,

Fla. charged with hosting the site for the new presidential library, set to be built at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Yuma has worked for the Bush family before, hosting the site for Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign and brother Jeb’s campaign sites for his 1998 and 2002 gubernatorial runs in Florida. Huger bought the domain name in 2007, after Yuma’s temporary claim on it has expired, for less than $10. Yuma bought it back in April. For $35,000 dollars. — BC

If the shoe flies…

Apparently, in Middle-Eastern Muslim culture it’s a huge insult to show someone the soles of your shoes, or touch them with your feet, or, I don’t know… throw your shoes at somebody — anybody, especially a sitting US president. And that’s exactly what Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi did this weekend: flung his shoes at President George Bush during a press conference in Iraq with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. And this was no impulse. A colleague of al-Zaidi’s told the New York Times Baghdad Bureau blog that the television correspondent had been “planning for this from a long time. He told me that his dream is to hit Bush with shoes.” And while we do love to see a man realize his dreams — like our own Ben “Troublemaker” Holder who recently met his hero Ric “Nature Boy” Flair — we have some practical journalistic advice for al- Zaidi: No cheering in the press box. — BC