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WXII off Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable customers are no longer able to view WXII. As of July 10, WXII’s carriage agreement with Time Warner expired after failed negotiations including a week extension. DISH Network and DIRECTV customers can still receive the channel and it’s accessible for free over the air with the appropriate antenna.

“Unless there is a change in Time Warner’s position, carriage of WXII will no longer be available to you on Time Warner systems,” a statement on WXII’s website reads. “In light of this impasse, we urge viewers to make alternative arrangements for receipt of our signal.”

The contract initially expired July 1 but was extended to allow for further negotiations, reported. The website also stated that a number of other channels in different markets owned by WXII’s parent company, Hearst Corp., are no longer available on Time Warner either, due in part to Hearst’s request for a 300 percent rate increase.