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by Jordan Green

Fun with voter registrations

North Carolina is the latest state where the Republican Party has severed its ties with Strategic Allied Consulting, an outfit run by Arizona GOP operative Nathan Sproul, the Charlotte Observer reported on Monday. The company has been hired in several swing states to register voters, and was caught in Florida submitting suspicious registrations that gave commercial addresses or appeared to be signed by the same person. It’s probably not a sign of widespread, systematic voter fraud. As ACORN discovered in 2008, when you pay people by the number of registrations they complete, they often get frustrated when they can’t locate real voters and start to fabricate applications. In most states, the organizations conducting the drive are required by law to turn in the form regardless of how accurate the information is. When the election rolls around, there is neither a real person nor an impostor there to vote the ballot for the fraudulent registration. Still, Democrats and voting-rights advocates are having a good time with it. Money quote goes to Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy NC: “It’s disturbing that the state party would hire this firm to begin with knowing the reputation it had for misdeeds and wrongdoings, and now it’s also beyond ironic that the party that wants to make fraud a big issue is itself engaging in fraud, at least in Florida.”