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Commission candidate criticizes Rhino Times

District 6 county commission candidate Linda Kellerman feels like the Rhinoceros Times is attacking her and she wants it to stop, campaign spokesperson Kimberly Moore-Dudley said in an e-mail last week. Moore-Dudley said the Rhino Times has targeted Kellerman, who is a Democrat, for dropping out of the primary race for District 6, which covers the central western part of Guilford County.

“This has been a hard year for Linda and her family, but she is in this race to win it,” Moore-Dudley said in the e-mail. ”She just wanted to tell the public what really happened.”

Kellerman won the Democratic primary over Dan Miller in May after she didn’t technically withdraw from the race. Her campaign cited two articles in particular that didn’t explain why she initially dropped out of the race, the more glaring of the two titled “Kellerman’s Strange Journey,” a May 24 article by Scott Yost. The piece closely chronicled why she filed and left readers to believe she wanted to withdraw from the race because there was another Democrat and she didn’t really want to run in the first place.

Kellerman dropped out to focus on taking care of her family and 9-year old granddaughter after Kellerman’s daughter Michelle lost a battle with skin cancer just under a year ago, her campaign said. Moore-Dudley said Kellerman consulted her family, including her granddaughter, before deciding to stay in the race against Republican Hank Henning.

If Kellerman had dropped out after the primary, the Guilford County Democratic Party could have appointed a replacement candidate.