We at YES! Weekly are familiar with the magic wand wielded by the Thom Tillis public relations machine. It goes into effect whenever something impolitic is transacted on which the House speaker doesn’t want to engage the wider public. It’s not a denial, but more like a shrug of the shoulders as if to say, “Didn’t happen, doesn’t matter.”

In September, when then candidate, now NC House Rep.-elect Debra Conrad said, “Unfortunately, the more money you raise and give to the speaker, the better committee assignment you get,” Tillis’ spokesman told YES! Weekly: “There’s no correlation. There’s none of that type of operation.”

Now, News & Record reporter Travis Fain writes that Tillis had a pre-Thanksgiving Facebook exchange that suggests he’s open to nullification, the legal theory espoused by South Carolina US. Sen. John Calhoun that was effectively settled with the Civil War. Someone named “Homegrownradio Granite Falls” groused on Tillis’ Facebook page about his dislike of Obamacare and President Obama’s economic policies in general.

“Our last line of defense before having to actually fight for our constitutional rights… rests with you and your fellow representatives,” Homegrown wrote.

He concluded, “Nullify this agenda and let’s move you to the Senate to do it again… deal?” Tillis responded, “I like some of your ideas. I hope you will go beyond FB and blog posts to advance them. With your help, we will make progress.”

When pressed on whether Tillis supports nullification or not, spokesman Jordan Shaw told Fain: “He said he liked ‘some’ of his ideas.”

Fain retorts: “But Homegrown really only espoused one idea: Nullification as a last resort before having to take up arms, presumably against the federal government.”

So which is it, Thom — up or down?