by Eric Ginsburg

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News & Record redesigns website

Greensboro’s daily newspaper unveiled a new website last week, but it wasn’t without some kinks. Rotating tabs on the homepage don’t function as click-through links to articles, instead bringing up an associated image with a caption that serves as the link. The comment feature and ability to submit text, photos or video are currently down, though Editor Jeff Gauger wrote that comments worked fine in “prelaunch testing.”

Even as users found their way to the desired articles, some formatting issues persisted, like seemingly random italics and the “most read” and “most commented” listing options for articles remained incomplete.

The layout, with a white background and ads taking up the right third of the page, is remarkably similar to the Winston-Salem Journal’s website. Blogs, which used to be prominently featured on the homepage, are now compiled under a header. In all likelihood the bugs will be worked out soon and users will get used to navigating their way around, but for now it’s a disappointing site.