by Eric Ginsburg


Can’t knock the hustle: Uptown Greensboro launches

Joseph Wilkerson III is walking the talk.

The first article in his latest publication, Uptown Greensboro, explains the “Mind of a hustler” and is — you’ll never guess — attributed to “the hustler.” The article — one of the only ones in 24-page publication — posits the old saying that “any press is good press” but it’s hard to imagine that the advertisers will stick around too long with this venture. The same article begins by explaining “gorilla pimping,” stating that “Their tactics work. Girls are too terrified to leave or disobey and competing pimps would sometimes just move to another neighborhood.”

Like the article, this “newspaper-magazine” is all about hustling. The inside back page lays out how much it costs to have an article written about a business, up to offering an entire issue to promote one advertiser for $1,500. For those with smaller budgets, look to the $400 price tag on the front cover, a two-page story with additional photos and a quarter page ad.

The only thing in the publication worth reading for anything except comedy is an interview with Greensboro performing arts center critic and blogger Billy Jones, unless you want “A brief history of Greensboro” lifted from the Historical Museum or an article about finding the right nail salon taken from eHow.

Kudos to Wilkerson for getting out there and hustling — we know times are anything but easy — but it’s hard to imagine this kind of retread material and PR formulated around an imaginary city district will be around long. With that said, the photo on the cover of a train crossing over a bridge on what appears to be Summit Avenue is compelling enough that we picked up a copy that was laying around.