by Eric Ginsburg

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News & Record editor likes being called “Grits”

By his own admission, News & Record Editor Jeff Gauger likes to write about grits. Gauger has been at the helm of the paper since early last year after moving to North Carolina from Canton, Ohio.

He wrote a blog post called “A Yankee tries grits” in October followed by one in November, leading blogger Ed Cone to say the editor was “hypnotized by grits.”

Last week he welcomed “Grits” as a nickname, saying he was “touched” that Rhino Times’ Editor John Hammer had dubbed him after “that [S]outhern porridge” while simultaneously criticizing him.

Regardless of how he feels about grits, it’s a significantly better nickname than “wet fart,” a term blogger Fecund Stench used to refer to Gauger in May. Let’s call him “Porridge” instead!