by Eric Ginsburg

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CNN reporter as Obama stalker

Even Emmy-Award winners can act like total creeps. This from Gawker’s “Journalismism” section: CNN reporter Tom Foreman has written a letter to President Obama — Every. Single. Day — since his first inauguration four years ago. Accurately calling his behavior “obsessive,” “bizarre” and likening him to a “stalker” in the title, Gawker mocked Foreman, who began penning his thoughts on disparate topics to Obama after the president encouraged citizens to write to him.

“I wrote about things that were important, like unemployment, Afghanistan and women’s rights. I also wrote about things that were trivial, like sports, favorite foods and my yearly battle with Christmas lights,” Foreman explained in his article. In his final letter, which is just a few sentences long, Foreman asks Obama to “call when you can” even though he knows that Obama is busy.

“Christmas lights.” Gawker wrote Monday. “To the leader of the free world. The man with nuclear launch codes. I’m sure he’s got nothing better to do.”

As the president’s second term began Monday, Foreman asked Obama if he knew what he was getting himself into. It seems safe to answer yes, the man who has already served as president for four years probably has some sense of what the job entails, and Gawker took the chance to ask Foreman the same question. That answer is a little less clear.