by Jeff Laughlin

News and views from inside the media bubble

Arguments, as usual, miss the point

Scattered over the 24-hour news channels, the associated press and columnists/ bloggers of the world, the “morning after pill” debate rages intently into the ideas of being and nothingness.

Ignoring the idea that selling a pill that can prevent pregnancy increases freedoms of a generally marginalized league of humans — teenagers — parents and other caring individuals argue if the pill will give kids the idea that carnal appetites come without apprehension or consequence.

Granting freedom to teens entails risk, to be sure, but the idea that young people will ignore risk by donating themselves to rampant sexuality ignores the main point: Teenagers are awkward, especially when it comes to sex.

The Plan B pill does not offer the freedom to explore, but the relief that kids’ decisions do not have to ruin their lives. As the media tells you how terrible or liberating the Plan B pill can be, remember this:

Liberation does not exist for the young. Their gawky bodies and minds trap them just as well as any medicine ever will.