by Alex Ashe

News and views from inside the media bubble


covering the Jodi Arias trial, conducted a satellite interview regarding the rescued kidnapping victims in Cleveland. Once the interview was presented in split-screen format, viewers could notice a series of vehicles passing by in the background of both shots, revealing that the anchors were staging a satellite interview from the same parking lot. In an apparent attempt to sell the ruse, Grace began adjusting her earpiece, claiming difficulty hearing Banfield. The stupefying segment imme- On May 8, CNN anchors Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield, both in Phoenix diately went viral.

CNN’s downward trend is nothing new.

Their employment of the insufferable Grace already posed a problem, as did the incessant coverage of the Arias trial, a small-scale story overemphasized in hopes of generating Casey Anthony-type ratings. CNN has been in the deception business for a while. With the May 8 incident, it just became much more blatant.

It was a troubling sign when Fox News overtook CNN in the ratings, but CNN has reacted in the worst possible way. Convinced that egregious news sells, they’ve made it a mission to beat Fox at their own game.