by Eric Ginsburg

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White noise: N&R’s Amanda Lehmert filling in as managing editor in Rockingham

Amanda Lehmert, the News & Record’s city-government reporter, will briefly serve as the managing editor of three Rockingham County newspapers until a replacement is hired. Lehmert said she will manage a small news staff at the Reidsville Review, the Eden News and the Messenger until July 1. The News & Record’s education reporter John Newsom is filling in for her, covering the Greensboro City Council beat.

“Please don’t let the city council get into any trouble while I’m gone,” she said. “You always miss your beat while you’re gone.

Your beat is like your baby.”

Lehmert said she is partially hoping that the council doesn’t pass a new minimumhousing law in her absence because she’s been covering RUCO and housing-code enforcement for so long. She added that she is confident Newsom will do a fine job and that the N&R won’t stop holding city council accountable in her absence.

The rearrangement at the papers, all of which are owned by BH Media, formally began May 24, and Lehmert said she thinks it will be an “interesting, new challenge.” N&R Editor Jeff Gauger is responsible for hiring a replacement editor at the Rockingham-based papers, Lehmert said.