by Jordan Green

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Greensboro Guardian bids farewell

Local conservative blog the Greensboro Guardian has shut down, Editor Charles Davenport Jr. announced in a statement on June 23. Davenport created the blog over two years ago to “serve as a sanctuary for local conservatives,” but cited weariness over covering politics in the statement, announcing that he will be working on a non-political book in the meantime.

The Guardian featured editorial pieces by Davenport and others that analyzed life and local politics from a right-leaning perspective. Its closing, in addition to the April shutdown of the Rhinoceros Times, has created a void in local conservative media. This sentiment was echoed in the blog’s comment section, with one reader amusingly referring to the News & Record as “Pravda West.” Those considering establishing a vessel to eloquently broadcast outdated political philosophies ought to strike while the iron is hot.