by YES! Weekly staff

Wake-up call

The Obama faithful — those who didn’t spend the eve of his vice presidential announcement frantically refreshing — received the text announcing the selection of Sen. Joe Biden (D – Del.) at the wee hour of 3 a.m. The campaign has been hard-selling its text service and recruited thousands of subscribers with the promise that they would be the first to know the Illinois’ senator’s pick for VP. They weren’t. Biden’s selection was leaked to the media at least two hours before the text went out, which probably explains the witching hour timing of the message. The timing of the announcement meant that most papers on the East Coast had to hold stories until Sunday. — AK

Dissed by the Hoff

Those of us who know Alistair McQueen — and his burlesque, gender bending onstage persona, Smokin’ McQueen — were unsurprised to see him perform recently on TV’s “America’s Got Talent” in front of a judging panel that included cheeseburger-scarfing former actor David Hasselhoff and perennial harpy Sharon Osbourne. McQueen performed a burlesque routine that was traditional in every sense of the word but one: He was dressed as a man, which is not always his modus operandi. We thought it went well, though admittedly we’re fans of his work. But the Hoff blanched when confronted with the 18-year-old’s brand of shimmy and shake and spent the last bit of the performance hiding under the judges’ desk. McQueen also appeared to make Sharon Osbourne, a woman who for most of her life has been married to Ozzy, wince and, remarkably, caused emcee Jerry Springer shake his head in… was that shame? So the Triad’s reality-show legacy, which includes not only singers Chris Daughtry and Fantasia Barrino but also that screamy UNCG dude Sammy whatshisname from “American Idol,” remains intact. — BC

Just so LA

Under the editorship of Andres Martinez, the Los Angeles Times editorial tackled immigration, government and the film industry and experimented, briefly, with a wiki-style editorial page, called “Wikitorials,” which allowed readers to amend existing editorials with their own facts and opinions and was shut down within two days because users persistently posted graphic pornographic images to the page. Martinez, who previously penned editorials for the New York Times, also left the paper in dramatic style, resigning after a kerfluffle involving his then-girlfriend, PR agent Kelly Mullens, her client, Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, and Grazer’s guest-editor slot at the paper. Now Martinez is suing Mullens for tarnishing his professional reputation and costing him his job at the paper. Mullens says the lawsuit is in retaliation for a restraining order she filed against him in April. In an e-mail to his former em[ployer, Martinez wrote that Mullens “abused our personal relationship by seeking to profit from my editorial decisions behind my back, contrary to our understanding that she would avoid such a conflict of interest.” No word yet on who will get the film rights. — BC