by YES! Weekly staff

Hammers close Rhino

Since The Rhinoceros Times published its first issue in 1991, the conservative weekly newspaper has developed a loyal and engaged readership in Greensboro, thanks to its editorial assaults against local government administration, including an endless series on alleged police corruption that resonates with the fears of the city’s white majority regarding black political power. The sister edition of The Rhinoceros Times launched by Hammer Publications in Charlotte has not fared so well. The Business Journal reported on Sept. 19 that the Rhino has ceased print production of its Charlotte edition, but a web publication for the Queen City will continue at — JG

The Indy’s good fight

Erick Daniels’ conviction for robbery in 2001 and 10 to 14 year prison sentence didn’t sit right with Mosi Secret, a reporter for the Triangle’s Independent Weekly. His investigation, published in May 2007 and called “Stolen Youth,” countered the state’s case against the man who had already served almost six years, and raised reasonable doubt about his conviction. The story won the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism and first place in investigative journalism by the NC Press Association, but more importantly it caused a judge to free Daniels from prison last week. Secret has since joined the staff of ProPublica, an investigative journalism group. And the Independent Weekly continues to amaze. — BC

15 minutes of fame

Teresa Sue Bratton, the pediatric allergist challenging entrenched Republican Rep. Howard Coble in the 6 th Congressional District race, received some valuable exposure from Ken Rudin, political editor for National Public Radio, in his Sept. 17 “Political Junkie” column. Bratton shared the spotlight with Doug Cloud, a Republican challenger in Washington State. Rudin surmised that Bratton “faces an uphill battle against 77-year-old Republican incumbent Howard Coble, first elected in 1984, in a state that is likely and a district that is almost assured to go for John McCain.” Rudin wrote, “Coble, who usually tops 70 percent of the vote, is known for his constituent service, but Bratton thinks this is her time, given the fact that ‘people see a crisis in health care, in our economy and our environment.’” — JG

Where it’s all headed

For a glimpse into the world of viral marketing, product placement and stealth endorsements, look no further than a piece by Sarah Hughes that ran Monday in London’s The Guardian about American

television network the CW, which airs “Gossip Girl,” “America’s Next Top Model” and the newest incarnation of “Beverly Hills 90210,” among other teen and tween fare. The network plugs all of the music, clothes and gadgetry in its shows, which can be purchased on the website. “In other words,” Hughes writes, “according to The CW we shouldn’t just watch our favourite shows, we should live our lives as our favourite characters live theirs, wearing their clothes (such as Blair’s ‘£160 Marc Jacobs pumps), playing their music and discussing their (imaginary) film choices.” — BC