WUAG’s annual Style in Stereo a shining success

by Heather MacIntyre

Girls run half-dressed from one table to another in the huge conference room, teasing hair, changing makeup and yelling for dresses, boots and accessories. One girl screams in a panic when she sees the clock.

“Thirty seconds, ladies!”

Everyone scatters, zippers zip, lipsticks click, bags drop, sunglasses cover eyes, shredded trash bags fit around bodies and oxygen masks cover faces. It’s time.

No, it’s not the apocalypse. Though WUAG manager Jack Bonney might debate that as 20 or so people run past him down the hall.

So where are we? UNCG’s Cone Ballroom. I was just backstage in the dressing room for the radio station’s 5th annual Style in Stereo concert/runway fashion show. Models line up and head out to the bright lights and onto the catwalk with their heads high, wearing intricately concocted head-to-toe outfits made by design students. This year the show holds three performers: hip-hop artist DJ Median (, jazz trio Solid Gold and indie rockers the Bronzed Chorus ( Each performance follows the theme of a different fashion line. Bronzed Chorus’s math rock goes with algebra, Solid Gold plays the spot for a botanical theme and Median keeps the beat going as a metropolis.

Though this year’s turnout isn’t as good as the last couple years, it’s considered the best year by many of the returning attendees. First-timer Jon Lingerfelt found out about this show through a number of friends, and had been looking forward to the presentation. “Everyone looked so good!” he admits. “I couldn’t believe how professional and well rehearsed the entire show came together. I know so many more people would have come had they known about it, I hope in the future it’s promoted more.”

The diverse designs and ideas that went into the outfits are the most interesting. One artist puts together gas masks for the botanical theme, leaving the interpretation up to the audience on environmental messages. For more than half of the models and their designers, this isn’t their first year of participation. Each year a few more join after others graduate and leave, but for the most part participants are steady.

Fashion isn’t the only spotlight of the evening. The show is actually a CD-release celebration for WUAG’s 5th compilation, The Wooden Anniversary. Every person who bought a ticket to attend receives this album for free at the entrance. The annual benefit show supports the radio station and its endeavors in putting on more of the college concerts that we want! Check it out next year, or if you are interested, participate in the production, and as the DJs always say, “Keep it locked to 103.1 WUAG.”