War Elephant never forgets its deep Triad roots

by Heather MacIntyre

Band Of The Week: War Elephant

This isn’t just about being a band; it’s about being a community. It’s about local music, and everyone helping each other out. And when it comes down to last-minute homemade shows put together just to help out a touring band coming through the area, you can count on Victor and his donation cup in your face when you walk in the door.

This is why the shows are usually free: Not everyone can afford shows, but “donation” usually means, “Come on, neither can the bands!” You might be familiar with other rock projects from their past like the Breathing, Tarantuloco, Wolverines and a few others, but a New Year’s baby was born in January to the trio now known as War Elephant. Kyle Milton, Victor Devlin and Jason Foster started practicing in October 2007. They’re known for a sound that reminds you of mid-’90s bands like Hum, Deftones or Smashing Pumpkins… but a lot heavier. These were definitely high on the list of influences for a few of them, but they all share a love for punk/hardcore. Victor jokes that Jason has terrible taste in music, but we know it’s not true because he works at BB’s Music Store over in Quaker Village ( and must have picked up some musical knowledge in the course of his duties.

Regardless of clashing musical interests, at least they can all play. It’s rough yet well-arranged, if you enjoy music to experience an epiphany. So what do they want? Summer. While they are waiting, they’re daydreaming of tours with bands they respect right now, like Nightbear and Tad, and contracts floating down from clouds sent from Robotic Empire. But they aren’t just waiting for it; this DIY band is getting its hands dirty. Kyle is staying involved with the writing and reading community with his new fast-growing popular zine of random writings, photos, and drawings called The Anteater’s Dream (, with issue No. 2 coming out soon.

Their favorite venue to play so far in their past music careers has been the Bounce-U Kids Center ( Music is life for these indie kids that have made a venue out of a small practice space behind the old Two Art Chicks building parking lot on 609 S. Elm St. in Greensboro. They are playing this nameless venue on May 16 with Peregrine, Torch Running and Auryn.