Welcome to the Kleur-fect world

by Britt Chester| @awfullybrittish

“We were advised that we need a tagline,” said Molly Grace, one of the co-founders of the forthcoming maker/retail space Kleur in Winston-Salem. “So the one we have been using is ‘General boutique, lifestyle supply and maker space.”

But Kleur almost wasn’t. In the middle of 2014, Grace was developing the idea for Kleur and knew she was onto something. Between teaching, painting and performing, she began feeling overwhelmed with the thought of opening a retail space on her own, which is when she began seeking out other designers. Just when she thought all was lost and Kleur was to fall by the wayside, she connected with two local designers who felt the same enthusiasm she did.

Grace, alongside Amanda Vaughn-Redmon and Emma Wallace, will be opening Kleur in a newly renovated space located on Sixth Street between Trade and Liberty at the beginning of October.

Vaughn-Redmon operates Formation Design, which YES! Weekly featured when she was carrying her work at Centennial Trading Company. Her designs are, as described by Y! writer Megan Young, “composed of minimalistic designs and patterns while focusing more on asymmetrical silhouettes and layering pieces.” Vaughn-Redmon also has worked as a designer for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People.

“I had been thinking about opening my own retail space,” Vaughn-Redmon said, “but I didn’t want to do it by myself.” Wallace echoed this, adding that “we all connected at the perfect time.”

Wallace, herself a designer currently working with the kids line under the Adidas brand, has been designing a line of handbags and practical satchels off and on for the past couple years under her Narrow Lines Co. brand. “I was inspired by traveling for work and I could never find something I liked the look of, but that was also functional.”

Vaughn-Redmon and Wallace, outside of the retail space, have been designing clothes and practical-use pieces since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, although they didn’t formally meet until after finishing school.

Kleur fits right in with the current movement of maker spaces and boutiques gaining popularity in cities across the country. And it’s partly due to the popularity of online sales. The digital marketplace made available every possible item one could search for in the pantheons of fashion, lifestyle and crafts, which in turn led to an increased demand to have these items readily accessible at an affordable cost.

What Kleur is doing is essentially flattening the world by bringing a curated boutique to Winston-Salem, replete with all the creative pieces viewed on various Pinterest pages, Tumblr threads, and online outlets.

But what Kleur is also providing is what will ultimately set it apart from other similar locations. Apart from being a retail space, there will also be workshops for crafting, textile, and practical application in the home.

“Some will be straight up workshops where people come in to work with tools and materials – registration fees, most of which will go to the person giving time and talent – and there will be others with more practical application, like, how to re-wire a light socket in your home,” Grace said.

There are a lot of trends in the fashion, art, and design worlds, and following them is not easy unless you are curating a museum, New York Fashion Week, or you just happen be one of these incredibly trendy people who just know what will be cool next week.

Kleur is the embodiment of those ideals.

Kleur is co-hosting the Color Wheel Party at The Garage on September 26 to kick things off for the space. Golden Dawn is playing the event with a DJ Elon of Charlotte closing things down with a dance party. There are more artists to be announced. ! WANNA


Follow Kleur on Instagram (@Kleur_Shop), or by visiting You can keep updated with the Facebook page by visiting www.facebook. com/kleurwsnc. Visit the location on Sixth Street between Trade and Liberty streets.