Werner’s web

For his latest documentary feature, Werner Herzog sets his sight on the Internet. Lo and Behold, subtitled Reveries of the Connected World, provides not only a historical overview but, per Herzog, some of the issues that most interest him, interests that go beyond the technological into the areas of theology and existentialism.

Heady stuff, to be sure, but Herzog doesn’t allow these tangents to distract from the whole picture, and there’s an underlying, cautionary tone to the film.

For all the advancements, which he duly shows, there’s the unmistakable sense that technology is growing faster than legislation and regulations can be applied, and there’s the danger of abuse. Tales of Internet addiction and abuse are told, with former master hacker Kevin Mitnick telling of his exploits, some quite alarming – which landed him in federal prison as a result.

Yes, the Internet has made life easier (for some) in the 21 st century, but Herzog’s message is clear: Proceed carefully and cautiously, and even then, be prepared for the unexpected – because it’s just waiting. Computers don’t make mistakes, people do.

Lo and Behold opens Friday !