Westerwood Tree-Trimming to begin on July 21

by Whitney Kenerly

The day has come. After a year and a half of disagreements and eventual compromise, Duke Energy will start trimming trees in the historic Westerwood community on July 21.

In late 2012, neighborhood residents were outraged over what they felt to be the sloppy tree-trimming techniques used by Duke Energy. Duke Energy maintained that the trees had to be trimmed in order to protect the power lines, so the city started a Tree Ordinance Review Committee to see if an agreement could be reached between the Westerwood neighbors and the power company.

Beginning the week of June 7, a vegetation management team went door to door in the neighborhood to make sure that each resident clearly understood which trees would be trimmed, and how. A tree could not be completely removed without the homeowner’s permission.

Westerwood is one of the first planned communities in Greensboro, with homes that date back to the 1920s. Some of the older trees have become entangled with the power lines, especially in the areas along Woodlawn and Crestland avenues. Due to the heavy vegetation around the lines, crews will be cutting off power on some mornings in order to safely work.

A spokeswoman for Duke Energy, Paige Layne, said that Duke Energy plans to be as unobtrusive as possible. “We want to minimize the impact as much as possible,” said Layne.

Require power outages will start around 8am before the summer temperatures rise to a point where air conditioning would become a critical need.

Traffic patterns will also be adjusted with some streets reduced to a single accessible lane.