Westgate Drive prostitution ring raided by Greensboro police

by Ben Holder


David Dunston

Yesterday, the Greensboro Police Department’s Vice and Narcotic Division raided 117 South Westgate Drive and ultimately shut down a house of prostitution that doubled as a strip club. Police charged David Dunston, Jessica Renea Robinson with maintaining a house of prostitution. Ambrosia Kierra Hughes was also arrested during the raid and charged with soliciting prostitution. The location opened up in late December of 2014 and had advertised on Facebook and Backpage. Police began an investigation after YES! Weekly revealed the establishment was operating with complete disregard to zoning and business license requirements.Dunston, who was part owner of the business, is also a registered sex offender. However, it appears that he was dishonest about where he lives when he registered as a sex offender. Dunston listed the massage parlor location as his residence when registering as a sex offender.


Randleman Road Business Center

Greensboro isn’t completely rid of Sweepstakes locations and gamblers couldn’t be happier. The Randleman Road Business Center located at 2804 Randleman Rd. Suite G has reopened their gambling den. The location is in a shopping center that once hosted 5 sweepstakes businesses until the city closed them down earlier this year.Now, one is thumbing their nose at the laws and opened right back up. The manager told YES! Weekly that he believes the location is now legal because they changed their game format and eliminated animations. Police believe they are still operating outside of the law.

Sweepstakes game at Randleman Road Business Center