What happened: McClellan tattles too late

by Jim Longworth

Last week, former White House Deputy Press Secretary Scott McClellan went on a media tour to promote his new tell-all tome titled What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. The gist of it is this: Little Scotty was misled by Bush, Cheney and others, then forced to repeatedly give bogus press briefings where he imparted false information to Americans via the liberal media. McClellan now says that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to justify the war in Iraq, and even ignored evidence that was contrary to the President’s ill-formed positions. McClellan says that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby were directly to blame for outing former CIA operative Valerie Plame, and that Cheney was complicit in the deed. McClellan also confesses that the White House was in a state of denial for an entire week following Hurricane Katrina. Hey Scott, thanks for the newsflashes. Perhaps in your next book you can tell us all about how the White Star company failed to carry enough lifeboats aboard the Titanic. I’m sorry, but I have no respect for Scott McClellan. Aside from the fact that his book is filled with information we’ve known for years, he is a johnny-come- lately tattle-tale who could have helped save hundreds of thousands of lives in Iraq had he grown a spine and ratted Bush out four years ago. In his defense, McClellan says he didn’t speak out earlier because of loyalty to the president, but now, he says, he has a loyalty to the truth. I am reminded of the Nixon gang following Watergate. Nearly all of Tricky Dick’s boys went to jail, then emerged having found Jesus, truth and ethics. The exception was Gordon Liddy who pretty much told federal prosecutors to stick Nixon’s tapes and everything else up their collective anuses. That’s the kind of criminal I admire. Do the crime, do the time, and don’t pretend to have found religion after the fact. Scott McClellan is simply clearing his conscience, but it is too little too late. Meanwhile, back at the den of corruption known as the White House, Bush’s troops are circling the wagons and doing damage control by trying to discredit McClellan. Press Secretary Dana Perino even hinted that Scotty had undergone some sort of emotional breakdown. This is reminiscent of how the snakes who worked for Bush’s father in 1992 launched a smear campaign against Ross Perot as soon as the Texas billionaire’s criticisms of the economy catalpulted him into a virtual three-way tie with old man Bush and Bill Clinton. The White House attack dogs managed to drive Perot’s poll numbers way down by leaking false stories to the media. Some things never change. And here’s the really strange thing: White House crooks rarely deny that they screwed up, they only attack the character of the man who says they screwed up. Oh yeah, and the latest attack on McClellan from the Oval Office is that he’s just trying to cash in by writing a book. I guess that would be similar to starting a war so that Halliburton, Exxon, the Bush family and their Saudi buddies could cash in. No one would like to see Bush and Cheney behind bars more than I. They interfered with a federal election in 2000. They launched an unjust war in 2003 which has resulted in 4,000 American casualties and the deaths of over 600,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children. They left hundreds stranded and dead in the wake of Katrina. They put CIA agents’ lives at risk by outing the wife of a man who disagreed with White House policy. And they have blocked all attempts to battle global warming and promote environmental protection. Still, I refuse to salute Scott McClellan just because he finally decided to take a stand. He’s like the guy who watches his drunken best friend get behind the wheel of a car. Instead of taking the car keys away or calling 911, he does nothing. Then, after his friend has killed someone, he decides to weigh in on the crime. In my book, that makes the sober friend complicit in murder. McClellan is not a hero, he is a co-conspirator with the most evil and corrupt administration to ever occupy the Oval Office. That’s why I won’t waste my money on his new book. I don’t need to read about “What Happened.” I already know what happened, and I know who is to blame for what happened. Nobody likes a tattle tale, especially when he’s tattling about tales he told in the first place.