White Noise: News from inside the media bubble

by the YES! staff

Blogfight of the week

Sure, there were plenty of tussles and scraps in the Triad blogosphere last week. But the big news is probably the emergence of a new caustic contender for the title. He trolls under the name “Big L,” but his identity remains a mystery. As far as I can tell he emerged in Ed Cone’s blog on April 1 to disparage 101.1 WZTK talk-show hosts Brad Krantz and Britt Whitmire, slander them and then vaguely question Cone’s loyalties. But apparently this was no April Fool’s joke. Big L reared his head again on the evening of April 25 in a flurry of poorly constructed, preposition-laden comments that revealed his hatred for – and confusion between – Arabs, African Americans and Jews. Also, he doesn’t like wrestling. In a comment on Cone’s blog following a photograph of a couple Latino landscapers, he quipped: “There’s as good a picture as two scum who need to be deported back to where they crawled out of as soon as possible as you’re going to get.” Earlier that evening on Sam Spagnola’s blog,, Big L opined that “wrestling fans are subhuman creatures who don’t deserve to vote, much less basic human rights [sic].” He saved some more vitriol for Krantz and Whitmire in another Cone comment that managed to be misinformed, anti-Semitic and poorly punctuated all at once. Also: He likes Michael Savage. His comments may be infrequent, but I think this guy’s got a real future in showing his virtual ass.

– BC

Sex, drugs and presidential hopefuls

It was probably inevitable that with the Democratic presidential campaign zeroing in on North Carolina, the last major trove of delegates, e-mails containing scandalous allegations about the two candidates would begin hitting local reporters’ desks., a Hillary hater, is particularly prolific. “Hillary Clinton on Southern Working Class Whites in 1995: ‘Screw ‘Em,” “‘Drunkest man alive…’ – Terry McAuliffe BUSTED! Terry McAuliffe OUTED. McAuliffe Likes BOYS!” and “Clintons Passed Up Bin Laden Capture Because He Committed Adultery With Monica Lewinski The Very Same Day In the Oval Office!” are just three of his titles. Then there are the e-mailers directing attention to the “Larrysinclair0926 Official Obama Drug Scandal Weblog, presumably written by someone named Larry Sinclair. To wit: “Larry Sinclair alleges that on 6th and 7th November 1999 in Chicago, Illinois he met Barack Obama for a social evening which included drinks in a lounge, followed by a drive around town in his hired limousine during which Obama supplied cocaine, smoked crack through his own glass pipe while accepting fellatio from Sinclair.” A quick Google search reveals that there appear to be no mainstream media inquiries into these allegations – a fact that only drives the passions of Sinclair’s boosters. In February, however, the liberal website paid Sinclair to undergo a polygraph examination, and then reported that deception was indicated in his response to questions about both Obama’s alleged drug use and sex. Sinclair has declined to reveal the identity of the limo driver.

– JG

Showdown at the Newsday Corral

I know North Carolina is a long way from New York City. So maybe you don’t keep up with – or care about – the media melodrama playing out on Long Island. Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media baron, wants to extend his newspaper footprint in the city by snatching up Newsday for $580 million, which he would add to a portfolio that already includes The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. Until late last week, his bid looked like a done deal. But then Mort Zuckerman, owner of The New York Daily News matched it. According to a Newsday article published last weekend, the paper’s owners prefer Murdoch, but a Zuckerman purchase might be easier for regulators to swallow. Analysts say Newsday’s eventual buyer will have won a key victory in the city’s ongoing tabloid wars.

– AK