White Noise

by Jordan Green

White Noise

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Blogfight of the week In what is becoming a premier venue for online verbal outrage, Dr. Joe Guarino’s blog, bearing the minimalist title of Guarino, hosted a hoofaraw between longtime pugnacious presence Bubba and veteran blogger Sue Polinsky. At issue was downtown Greensboro’s impending International Civil Rights Center, which Guarino alleged has mishandled funds. Polinski asked for documentation, Guarino declined and then Bubba accused her of being part of what he calls the “Self Appointed Privileged Society.” What happened next becomes clear only if you follow up on Polinsky’s blog and an attendant thread by Roch Smith Jr. at his place. Apparently Polinsky used Bubba’s real last name in a comment at Guarino’s, and Guarino removed it from the thread. Smith and Polinsky were quick to call hypocrisy on the doctor, who has championed the cause of transparency on his blog. Then Smith pointed out that it was Guarino who actually outed Bubba in a photograph posted on his blog in July 2009. Hilarity ensued — at least it did in my office. — BC