White Noise

by Jordan Green

News and views from inside


While the newspaper is noticeably understaffed, many of the reporters at the News & Record consistently break important stories and demonstrate enterprise. When YES! Weekly came on the scene seven years ago, we looked for weaknesses at the daily newspaper and rarely missed an opportunity to dole out ridicule when we felt it was deserved.

Since then we have developed a sense of mutual respect with the newspaper’s reporters and editors, and appreciate the difference good leadership makes, although some decisions of emphasis and resource deployment are, frankly, still mystifying. As resources become scarcer in the industry and powerful institutions become in some respects less accountable, we’ve come to approach our relationship with the N&R from a standpoint of zoned defense rather than direct competition.

So it is that we’ve watched with decided interest to see who will replace the venerable John Robinson. Jeff Gauger has been named the N&R’s executive editor, the paper reported on Feb. 1. Currently serving in the same position at the Repository in Canton, Ohio, Gauger reportedly oversaw, described as “a high school football website with pages for 1,800 varsity players from 38 schools,” and supervised enterprise projects on topics such as “federal stimulus spending, teacher misconduct, race and diversity and the emerging class of first-time poor.”

Good stuff. Welcome to Greensboro, Jeff.