Why we love (to eat in) Lindley Park

by Kristi Maier

| @triadfoodies

There are certain neighborhoods that have it all. Cute houses. Streets lined with sidewalks. A sense of community. A wee little grocery store. Bars. And a handful of great restaurants. Lindley Park in Greensboro definitely fits that bill.

I’m willing to bet there are folks there who chose that neighborhood because back in the day, it was walking distance to the famed The Blind Tiger. But today, this little community embraces a corner of bars and restaurants that I’m willing to bet do a great job of keeping people right where they are. Why would you leave your neighborhood when you can have your choice of burgers, pizza, seafood, coffee, brunch, a drop-in place to cook meals or pick up one and even grab your ingredients and drinks if you decide to stay in?

And after this past week’s winter storm, folks who get a little cabin fever enjoy the benefits of their neighborhood restaurants because a lot of them stay open for the neighbors. Cabin fever? No problem. If you want some fun and don’t feel like walking far, we highly recommend, a Lindley Park Food Crawl. Why?

First of all—.

Emma Keys Flat Top Grille, 2206 Walker Avenue

Burgers are a surefire crowd pleaser. This tiny establishment, owned by Emmett Morphis, has all types of delicious burgers with fun toppings. You step up to the counter, order, find a seat (if you’re lucky, but it’s not impossible) and wait for the piping hot burgers to arrive. With your choice of fries or sweet potato fries among other sides. Heck the last time I was at Emma Keys, I (don’t ask me why) thought I’d be good and order a salad.

You can certainly be good if you go to Emma Keys but I don’t even know why you’d want to. Anyway, yes indeed, I got a salad. It comes with two burgers, pimento cheese, and tabasco ketchup. On greens. So if being healthy means no carbs on two all-beef patties with a bunch of pimento cheese, then so be it. It was extremely satisfying without the bread, surprisingly enough. Another way to go will be the Diablo burger with cheese and jalapenos. Really it’s all good and you can order a milkshake too. Because, burgers.

Lindley Park Filling Station, 2201 Walker Avenue

The tried and true, never fail LPFS. Chef Chris Blackburn and his partner in business and life, Sarah Keith, have a restaurant here that has it all. Lunch? Yes! Dinner? Yes! Drinks? Yes, yes! Brunch? Oh yes. Healthy? Yes!

Indulgent? Yes! When someone asks me for a casual recommendation around the Sunset Hills or UNCG area, almost always recommend LPFS. It truly has something for everyone. Want an inventive salad, wrap or sandwich? You’ll find one that’s highly recommended and praised. It’s pretty much what LPFS is known for. And the menu items are named after various parts of the city, i.e. The Greenway, The Chapman Street, The Corner. If you decided to go with this well-rounded restaurant and you wanted a burger, you can still score a fabulous one here though it’s not a “burger joint”.

I highly recommend The West Market with smoky ghost pepper jack cheese, chili, cole slaw and Dijon on a potato roll. Spicy, a different take on the Carolina burger and amazing. What’s really fun is to try their specials. I don’t get there enough, so everything is new and different to me each time. But Mr. Foodie had a meatloaf wrap when we were there last and it was excellent. Desserts are great too and sometimes they’re open just late enough for a late night dessert. Try a Guinness Brownie Sundae to keep the fun going.

Sticks & Stones Clay Oven Pizza, 2200 Walker Avenue

If you are craving pizza (and who isn’t) Sticks & Stones will satisfy you for sure. From elevated pies with arugula and pancetta, classics like Margherita and awesome specials that feature ham and Brussels sprouts, this often packed pizza joint will have something you can all agree on. And you can go “halvesies” if you prefer. We almost always do. One of our favorites is a simple build your own variety with their locally-made pepperoni or sopressata. Or try one of their chef’s creations like Sweet Carolina with tomato sauce, Bradd’s sweet Italian sausage, wood roasted chilies, mozzarella, parmesan and parsley lemon oil. The pizzas have fun names and out of the box combinations. Great small plates too and salads that are big enough to share (even the small ones). Don’t mind a wait if you go on a weekend night. It’s likely to happen, but the bar is fun and it’s totally worth it.

Fishbones, 2119 Walker Avenue

Sticks & Stones’ sister restaurant. You can tell by the name, it’s going to be seafood heavy. But in addition to the Fish tacos, cioppino (with the famous drunken shrimp), Ahi tuna, NC Catfish, Oyster Po Boys, there’s turf tacos, fried bologna sandwiches, burritos and a plethora of enjoyable appetizers that can be shared with your group. There’s quite a bit of high seating so if you have real little ones, it might be an issue for you, but it is quite family friendly with menu items to accommodate those little palates. A great place for a gathering of friends.


Common Grounds, 602 S. Elam Avenue

In addition to coffee and tea, there’s a beer and wine menu too. And WI-FI and chess and other essentials. And outdoor seating for Lindley Park people watching. Which can be interesting. commongrounds. coffee


Reto’s Kitchen, 600 S, Elam Avenue

Chef Reto Biaggi brings the training that he learned in Switzerland and France to the neighborhood with locally-sourced catering for weddings, social and corporate events. For special occasions, Reto’s has special pick-up menus. For instance, for Valentine’s Day, you can order by February 9, and take it home for a most lovely datenight IN. All the items on his Valentine’s menu are to be shared by two. Of course, we can’t forget about Walker’s Bar (2116 Walker Ave) and Wahoo’s Tavern (2120 Walker Ave) for your drinks. Pretty popular with the young ‘uns and—sometimes the old ‘uns.

And finally—

Bestway Grocery, 2113 Walker Avenue

Established in 1947, this grocery store is awesome. Lots of local produce and purveyors and lots and lots of craft beer. And you just about can’t hate a beer, I mean, grocery store that stays open until midnight in your neighborhood. You can’t beat it with a stick. They say they serve your “everyday needs,” but they do way more than that.

The Corner Farmer’s Market sets up on Saturdays in the Sticks & Stones parking lot. A great place to score some local produce and see some crafts. It’s quite small, but very quaint. And not high falootin’ like some markets tend to be.

Yes, there are certain neighborhoods that have it all. And Lindley Park is one of them. !

KRISTI MAIER is a food writer, blogger and cheerleader for all things local who even enjoys cooking in her kitchen, though her kidlets seldom appreciate her efforts.


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