Winston-Salem First Friday: dolls, wax on wood, Atelier’s Fantasy Faire

by Foxy Moxy

The time is upon us for another exciting First Friday and the Arts District is ready to rock for November! A variety of fun events are planned, as well as new artist openings featured in the galleries and demos taking place on the streets. I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new gallery to the mix and will gladly guide you to all the hot spots for this month’s hop. First, I’d like to extend a welcome to Verdigris, a new gallery space and coffee bar located inside popular gift boutique Patina.

I was fortunate to catch a sneak preview of their first show and was very impressed. The debut features two local artists, the first of whom, Tony Phelps plays with color and detailed design in scratchwork, watercolor and acrylic media. Complimenting those framed pieces are the incredible handcrafted art dolls of LeeAnna Lawrence. Lawrence’s sculptural works really delve into a gamut of emotion, with a wryly sinister, yet playful asthetic encompassed within each hip interpretation. Every doll exists firmly within it’s own slyly subversive universe and the collection as a whole affords the viewer a fanciful journey. Stop by and congratulate Verdigris on their grand opening and take in a great show. If you want to catch a Medieval-style show, swing by Atelier Studios for a Fantasy Faire cooked up by the endlessly creative Atelier artists. With mystical creatures, gypsies, jesters, serving wenches and fortune-tellers waiting to escort you back in time to the magical “Shire of Wachovia.” Lords, ladies and dragons welcomed. Artworks Gallery presents a two-person exhibit, Encaustics, with encaustic wax paintings on wood by Alix Hitchcock and Nelida Otero Flatow. Hitchcock’s works achieve a complexity of textures and visual illusions abstracted from reality, resulting in an ambiguity of time, space and meaning. Flatow’s encaustic paintings incorporate etchings from solarplates, the inspiration for which was drawn from a trip to Italy. Finally, at apercu gallery this month, a formidable line-up of local artists collaborate on Creative Coalescence, a show highlighting apercu’s award winning artists. Frank Russell, Toni Lindahl, Mark Graves, Brian Hibbard and Travis Donavan utilize a variety of eclectic styles in an assortment of media, with subjects ranging from figurative to architectural, landscapes to abstractions. Check the list for addresses to all of the galleries mentioned and I hope to see you Friday on Trade Street!

Here’s the hot list for November’s Hop:

Timothy Nichols Gallery; 629 N. Trade St.; Inventory clearance sale. Accessory items are reduced by half, lamps and furniture are reduced by 30 percent. • Studios at 625; 625 N. Trade St.; 336.724.3000: New work on display in member studios.

Atelier Studios; 619 N. Trade St.; The Atelier Medieval/Fantasy Faire (featured above) is November’s Gallery Hop happening. • Golden Flower T’ai Chi Center; 612 N. Trade Str.; Join them for a fun evening of professional Djembe drumming performance from 9-10 p.m. • Earthbound Arts; 610 N. Trade St.; Outdoor Raku firing demonstrations by Gordon, the Arts District’s favorite hairy potter!

Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery; 601 N. Trade St.; New member show, Lucinda Brogden, works in metal and Alison S. Overton, photography. • • Piedmont Craftsmen’s 45 th Fair is happening Nov. 15-16 at the Benton Convention Center. • The Fiber Company; 600 N. Trad St.; 336.725.5277: Open for Gallery Hop. Fiber Company is a collective gallery that showcases work by fiber artists and designers. • Artworks Gallery; 564 N. Trade St.; Artworks Gallery presents a two-person exhibit, Encaustics (featured above), with encaustic wax paintings on wood by Alix Hitchcock and Nelida Otero Flatow

The Other Half; 560 N. Trade St.; 336.407.5494: Presenting Hot Glass and Cold Steel, a continuing exhibition by Loretta Eby and Jeff Jackson, a couple who creates unique collaborative pieces by merging their talents. • 5IVE & 40RTY Gallery; 541 N. Trade St.;*: Seeing Winston- Salem: Contemporary Artists’ View of the City, a continuing exhibition for Gallery Hop.

Urban Artware/SEED Gallery; 207 W. 6 th St.;, www. Featured artist at Urban Artware this month is Hillary Hempstead, who expresses her charm through new paintings and photo-emulsion light boxes. • Mary Ann Zotto Studio; 202 W. 6 th St.; 336.575.9850: An open studio featuring the wonderfully colorful work of painter Mary Ann Zotto • Patina/Verdigris; 217 W. 6 th St.; 336.725.6395: Grand Opening of Verdigris during Gallery Hop featuring Tony Phelps and LeeAnna Lawrence (featured above). Patina has new gifts, artifacts and fun items to decorate your home and person. • Artists on Liberty; 521 N. Liberty St.: Various member studios will be open throughout the building during Gallery Hop from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. • apercu gallery within Artists on Liberty building; 521 N. Liberty St.: Featuring Creative Coalescence: A group art exhibition (featured above) comprised of the selected artwork of Frank Russell, Toni Lindahl, Mark Graves, Brian Hibbard and Travis Donavan. • DADA Community Center building; 526 N. Liberty St.: The Community Center on Liberty will feature a new show for Gallery Hop.

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