Winston-Salem comic artist creates mock Congressional candidate

by Jeff Sykes

Elect Psychoboy

A Winston-Salem comic creator is making waves with his mock online campaign for a fictitious Congressional candidate.

Seizing on the often absurd claims of competing political campaigns, Todd Luck created Psychoboy as a fictional character in his comic book series, College Follies. Series Number Four tells the story of Psychoboy’s bid for Congress, and features the candidate in town hall meetings, stealing campaign signs and making stump speeches.

“I wrote issue four before the midterm season really got going, so Psychoboy’s online campaign lets me make fun of things happening now,” said Luck.

The online campaign for Psychoboy includes mock fundraiser announcements and memes with satirical campaign slogans, such as “Elect Psychoboy because he knows as little as you do.”

You can check out the fun on Facebook and Twitter, or get started by visiting the website,