Winston-Salem man campaigns for DNC delegate position

Adrian Payne is a man of many things: a business and investment enthusiast, college student, musician, proud uncle, and an overall fighter for equality. Currently he serves as the Chief of Staff for the Young Democrats of Forsyth County and Vice Chairman of his local precinct. With a proven track record of delivering valuable results, Payne is taking his political aspirations to the next level as he campaigns to become a delegate from North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District to the Democratic National Convention. The child of a single-parent household, Payne considered himself the “odd one out of the bunch.” As a child he drew blueprints of houses and cities expressing his artistic interest. During high school he began to take an interest in investment strategies and became well known in the business community his senior year. Also, he held leadership positions such as team captain of the Speech and Debate team and vice president of FCCLA at North Forsyth High School.

“I decided to run for delegate because I believe the youth needs representation in our political Democratic electorate,” said Payne. “In the previous election, the youth represented 24 percent of the Democratic electorate. This remarkable amount attests to the growing interest our generation is expressing in the realm of politics and elections. One thing politicians will soon come to understand is that we will let our voice be heard at the ballot.” Payne developed an interest in politics during the mid-term elections of 2010. He would watch President Obama on CNN strongly campaign for Democrats running for the House of Representatives and Senate seats – yet Obama’s rhetoric sparked his interest for solving issues. Payne has been a Democrat all his life, aligning his political beliefs with his mother’s. “It wasn’t until Obama’s reelection that I truly understood what being a Democrat meant,” he said. “It was then when I realized the Democratic Party’s platform aligns with my views on the political spectrum.” Politically influenced by President John F. Kennedy, he believes JFK’s sacrifices and constant battles with adversity paved the way for future generations.

If elected, Payne’s mission is to attract attention to the ins-and outs of the political process. He advocates for his peers to gain a better understanding of how a presidential nominee is formally chosen at their party’s national convention. Although the position he is running for is not a public office, it is beneficial to the upcoming November elections.

“The presidential candidate that I am pledged to will need to approve of several people to be on the ballot,” said Payne. “If fortunate enough to be on that ballot, convention with several advantages as a young Democrat and Payne is devoted to do an African-American.”

Payne is devoted to do whatever it takes to ensure that Democrats are elected up and down the November ballot. The voting for delegates will take place on May 21 at the party’s Fifth Congressional District Convention in Winston-Salem. !