Winston-Salem police officer investigated for comments to citizen

by Jeff Sykes

Police in Winston-Salem issued a statement Friday regarding a veteran officer’s interaction with a citizen who was videotaping the Public Safety Center earlier this week.

Lt. Ron Rose, a 26-year veteran of the Winston-Salem Police Department, can be seen on the videotape questioning Richard Goins, who was conducting a “First Amendment Audit” by videotaping near the PSC.
Police said Rose approached Goins because Goins “appeared to be photographing the critical infrastructure of the Police Department facilities.”
Rose was concerned for the safety of department personnel, a press release stated, but that “during the encounter Lt. Rose made comments to Mr. Goins that are concerning to our agency.”
The incident has been referred to the department’s Professional Standards Division for review.
Rose can be heard on the video making disparaging comments to Goins, questioning his mental health, his parenting skills, and even questioning his ability to “get enough women.”
The incident appears to have taken place on Feb. 14, as Rose refers to the day being Saturday and asks Goins why he doesn’t take his children out for Valentine’s Day.”This is not normal behavior, Mr. Goins, despite what you may think. To stand out in 30 degree weather,” Rose said. After taking his information and identification, Rose appears to run Goins’ record through his in-car computer. When Rose comes back, Goins asks why he draws such a strong reaction when he comes and films the police.”You’re a strange individual, Mr. Goins, that’s why you get such a reaction,” Rose said.After securing his information, Rose leaves Goins and appears to leave. About six minutes later in the video, Rose and Goins cross paths again. This time, Rose is in his car and talks to Goins through the window of his patrol vehicle.Rose can be heard asking Goins for his “name, rank and serial number” after the two had discussed whether Goins served in the Marines. Goins refuses to provide the information. “You’re a bad patriot,” Rose says, before driving off. Goins can be heard chuckling before he turns the camera off.