DJ handle: Yellow Fever (Edward Bloom and DJ Slyde) What it means: Well, we are both light skinned. We were actually looking for a cool name to go with it and we came up with that as a joke, though it just kinda stuck. We started yelling it out at shows and whatnot. We were just playing as Slyde and Ed Bloom, then we wrote an intro that sampled the song “Mellow Yellow” by Donovan and it was history from there. Real names: Jermel Williams (Ed Bloom) and Keith Anthony Byrd Jr. (DJ Slyde) What we play: An aggressive mix of dubstep and drum & bass. Catch me at: We play all around North Carolina. Upcoming shows: Oct. 24 at Battlefield GameStop in Burlington for the midnight opening, Oct. 27 at Underground Invasion at MOD Bar in Winston Salem, Oct. 29 at Facebass in Greensboro, Nov. 7 at GameStop in Burlington for the Call of Duty midnight release, Nov. 12 at Noisy Dubs at the Berkley Café in Raleigh, Nov. 26 at Facebass in Greensboro. Got in the game: Back in 2003 originally. Why we do it: Ed Bloom: My girl wanted a set of turntables and ending up not using them much, so I figured I’d mess around with them. I was in a group called the Omen before joining up with DJ Slyde (formerly of Disciplus) earlier this year. Influences: Tech Itch, Evol Intent, Limewax, DC Breaks, Chase & Status, Black Sun Empire, Spor, Dirty Phonics, Gein, Titan Zero, Flux Pavillion, Dr. P, 12th Planet, Helicopter Showdown, Hulk, Yellow Fever. First pro gig: Frequency 533 Studio work: Mixes with the Omen, though Yellow Fever’s first studio album is currently in production and due to be released in early 2012. Signature mix: Yellow Fever Mix on Soundcloud ( Personal playlist: A lot of rap and hip hop and Yellow Fever mixes Favorite albums: Biggie — Ready to Die My gear: Mixer, two CDJs and a microphone Website:!/pages/Yellow-Fever/105064132915455?sk=info We’d like to add: For bookings, contact Scott McCusker of Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management ( at or 845.304.8800.