YES! New Year’s Resolutions

by the YES! staff

Visit the dentist

Amy Kingsley, staff writer

For the past three years, I’ve been neglecting my doctors. I’ve put off the preventive healthcare that’ll help me stay healthy. So this year I resolve to make an appointment to see a dentist – for the first time in about five years – and the lady doctor, whom I have avoided for about two. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable taking my good health for granted. I’ve never had a cavity or a major illness, but I need to stop making excuses and bite the Hippocratic bullet before my neglect catches up with me.

Better living

Michelle Lanteri, marketing executive

I’ve decided on a few small but mighty changes that I think will escalate my standard of living to a higher level in 2008. First, McDonald’s is no longer a part of my life, and I’d like to include most other fast-food restaurants in this absolution from “the man” as well, with one exception: The BK Veggie Burger. Second, I am going to put more of my income towards a low-end PA system, Adobe Creative Suite and loads of other Mac software and hardware (read: new, upgraded G5) than the three million gallons of beer I must consume annually. I know it will be better brain food in the end. Lastly, I would like to recycle from home. Even though no one else living in my building (or on my street) does, I am going to implement this procedure into my Monday Madness, provided that Monday is the correct pick-up day. In relation to my second resolution, there are a lot of wine bottles that need to be recycled, as well as a variety of beer bottles, and even some juice bottles. Oh, and I am investing in a comprehensive insurance plan for 2008. To date, the only procedures I can swing are the urinalysis test, very minor blood work and a single X-ray. At 27 I’m feeling less like a kid every day, and it’s a little painful to say the least!

Get rich

Chris Lowrance, creative assistant

Being poor sucks. Having firmly acknowledged this fundamental truth of life, I resolve not to be poor anymore in 2008. “But Chris,” you say, “can it really be as simple as that?” I say it is and let me tell you how! Through the power of “positive thought,” I’ve learned how to harness the natural laws of the universe to bring myself the wealth I so richly deserve. And you can too! I’ll let you in on this amazing, easy and effective “secret” to making your dreams come true for the low, low price of $19.95! Call me to find out more!

The usual suspects

Brad McCauley, marketing executive

Well, as everyone can see from my expanding waistline one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to lose weight. That will include to work out more and eat right (and yes everyone I know that means I will need to stop drinking for a while as well). Also to become more organized and detailed in my personal and professional life. Finally I want to spend more time with my two boys Alex 9 and Matthew 8. Finally to increase YES! Weekly’s market share across the Triad.

More is more

Brian Clarey, editor

I don’t want to make any sweeping New Year’s resolutions this year. I just want to keep on doing what I’ve been doing, only more so. I want to go to the gym more. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to make more money. More great meals. More travel. More successes and more lessons that can only be learned from failure. I want to write more, read more, have more sex, give more love.

Make babies

Kenny Lindsay, graphic designer

My wife and I have had plenty of practice and it’s about time for me to make it worth her time and actually show the fruits of my strenuous labor – after all, I’m one of two males in the family who has the responsibility of carrying on the Lindsay legacy. Partying just doesn’t have the spark it used to and I figure the amount I spend on booze and cigarettes could easily cover a few diapers per month. So off with those Godforsaken penis hats and bow-chika-wow to the new year! I’m gonna go work on my abs and get right to business.

Get back to my roots

Jessica Schell, marketing executive

My New Years resolution is to revamp my image and go back to my roots – do more outdoor activities like cliff diving, four-wheeling and wakeboarding. I will try to spend less time in bars, more time with nature. I want to merge the personalities of a country bumpkin with a city girl. Send me an e-mail ( with suggestions of good outdoorsy places for this Pennsylvania girl to wander off to. Maybe you can come with me… if you wear deodorant.

Here, kitty (kiddie)

Rachel Garavito, operations manager

I resolve to be a well-informed voter this year considering it’s an election year. I will also learn how to properly cook a turkey so the same horrible thing doesn’t happen again next Christmas. In an effort to become more green, I will try to remember to unplug items like my cell-phone charger when not in use to conserve energy. All this while writing the instruction book on how to raise a child without neglecting your cats.

The year of YES!

Charles Womack, Publisher

I am making this self proclaimation that 2008 is “The Year of YES! Weekly” Just like George Constanza’s Summer of George, this year promises some new, exciting and unpredictable things. It is also the start of our lucky fourth year… the year of recognition, growth, prosperity, fortune, fame and fun. We have opened our second office in Winston-Salem – improving our news coverage and expanding our circulation and readership. I only have 2 resolutions this year. My first: for me to buckle up, settle in and enjoy 2008. My second: to invite you to come along for one amazing ride.

Resolutions are for chumps

Jordan Green, news editor

Resolutions are, of course, for chumps, grandstanders and pompous promisers. People of real substance just set an example and let their actions speak for them. I’m reluctant to make any dramatic resolutions, but I’ll admit that I need to steel through internal pep talks goading myself to live better. The resolutions that have flitted through my mind are old ones that are periodically broken and subsequently renewed: Eat more healthy food, get in better physical shape, sharpen my Spanish skills and deepen my friendships.