YES! Weekly’s Ten Best springtime haiku..


Chapel Hill

Warm nights, bud of youth

A rock show in Chapel Hill

Tall pines, fragrant breeze

Jordan Green


Low limbs, white petals

Perfect to climb barefooted

The magnolia blooms

Meredith Veto


White wine patio

Bare shoulders, tan legs and arms

Café Europa

Brian Clarey

Green Grass

Lawnmower misfires

Greening grass cut down to size

Cold beer afterwards

Brian Clarey


Riding the current

Six pack in canoe, no shirt

Kentucky in May

Jordan Green


First Horizon Park

Crack of bat and smell of grass

Popcorn in my teeth

Brian Clarey

Down Elm

My moon roof open

Breathing the pear blossom stink

I breeze down Elm Street

Meredith Veto

Fast Birds

Hummingbirds take flight

When spring flowers take full bloom

Quick eye for fast bird

Kenny Lindsay


The bees have returned

Peeking out of red dirt hills

Swarming at my porch

Meredith Veto

Flip flop

My feet get some air

During the sunny spring days

Bust out the flip-flops

Lauren Cartwright