YES! Weekly’s ten best convenience store coffees

by Amy Kingsley

Gate Petroleum

1550 W. Lee St.

Glenwood pronunciation: GAH-tay. Coffee shops may be sprouting like teenage acne, but not everyone is inclined to separate their morning errands. That’s where gas station coffee comes in – you can fill you tank, get breakfast, caffeine and maybe even lunch all in one stop. The Gate sells a pretty serviceable cuppa joe alongside a fresh selection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sausage biscuits, burritos, pickles, dairy products and gourmet nuts. In short, it’s a little something for everyone.

Great Stops

1411 W Lee St.

I poured the last cup of coffee at 4:30 p.m. from a pot that had likely been sitting on the burner for hours. The brew was predictably sour and turned my stomach a bit queasy. Next time I’ll probably skip the house coffee in favor of one of those sickly sweet Starbucks products in the refrigerator case.


4319 W. Wendover Ave.

Multitasking is what Sheetz is all about. Not only can you order food and fancy coffee drinks here, you can actually place your order while pumping gas. That said, this gas station charges more than most for its coffee. And should you decide to order something fancy, like a latte, be prepared for the angry stares of those forced to wait in line while the lone cashier steams your milk.

Wilco Food Mart

5729 W. Friendly Ave.

Coffee drinkers at the Wilco Food Mart at the corner of Friendly Avenue and College Road can chose between dark roast or a milder house blend. The coffee was fresh and drinkable. Be warned, the smallest cup size here is 16 ounces, which is, in my opinion, kind of a lot of coffee.

Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market

501 Yanceyville St.

Uh yeah, this one’s kind of a copout. But there’s one table at the Farmers’ Curb Market where you can get just a plain coffee for a buck that is modifiable only with powdered non-dairy creamer and granulated sugar. It’s better than most gas station coffee but cheaper than other coffee options at the market.

Texaco Food Mart

4302 High Point Road

Twelve-ounce cups of coffee are an endangered species in the greater Greensboro area. I was pleased to find some here; a small cup of coffee sets you back only 80 cents. The coffee was a little weak and the breakfast options limited, but the price was right – breakfast set me back a little more than a dollar.

Quik Shop

5814 High Point Road

Decent coffee in reasonably sized cups. Nothing really stands out, but if you chose to take your time in the morning, they’ve got clean booths by the window where you can relax whilst bolting your Jimmy Dean biscuit.

G&S Food Mart

2100 Lawndale Drive

Colloquially known as Grumpy Grandpa’s, I’m pretty sure this place flourishes because of its owners’ utter shamelessness in the peddling of vice. Porn, games of chance, cigarettes and alcohol products comprise the bulk of the store’s stock. The coffee, which is unceremoniously located in a nook near the cashier, actually tastes a bit iniquitous. It’s hot, dark and strong and contains a whiff, if I’m not mistaken, of tobacco.

Texaco Food Mart

1614 Spring Garden St.

This store caters to the crowd from the nearby college. The coffee station occupies a prominent position past a display of school supplies; the brew itself is solid if undistinguished. A Lazy Susan on top of the microwave contains flavored syrups, cinnamon and cocoa, all complimentary, with which you can customize your coffee.

Kyle’s Friendly Mart/BP Gas

4628 High Point Road

I’m pretty glad to be nearing the end of this assignment. Phantom stabbing pains are afflicting my kidneys; my stomach feels shredded. Thank God Kyle’s coffee does not taste like battery acid. In fact, it’s pretty all right. If I can’t make time to visit the Green Bean, Tate Street or Coffee and Roses, I would definitely come here for my coffee.