YES! Weekly’s ten best myspace friends

by Brian Clarey


Before you accuse us of being behind the curve and jumping on the MySpace bandwagon long after it set out for the hills of lameness, know that we’ve been rocking a MySpace page for more than a year, and one of our first friends was this guy: Daron, better known as Daron James, Greensboro piercer, frontman for the 5 L’s and master of the MySpace domain. Guy’s got more than 1,600 friends, and he uses the form wisely to promote events and spread internet cheer. His page, though a bit busy, is everything a MySpace page can be, with blog entries, cool ads and a thumbnail tribute to the wonders of the cowbell.

OK Soda

We’ve got friends galore on our MySpace page… well, almost 700 of them, anyway, and we use the Top 8 function to display all of our current BFFs. But this list is to highlight some of our more interesting friends, like this OK Soda thing. According to their page, the former Massachusetts beverage company makes the “best soda ever,” though according to Wikipedia, the drink never really captured the imagination of “Generation X” like it was supposed to and was discontinued just seven months after making its debut in 1994.


You want to talk about hot chicks? We’ve got dozens of them on our MySpace page – pin-up girls and lingerie-clad models and hipster hotties, so many that if our online presence were an actual dude, he’d be what doctors refer to as “elbow deep” in available women. SexyShawn makes the cut for this list because her MySpace page is absolutely crammed with images of herself, dozens of them, some of which are available for download to your phone.


If we’re going to pick an attractive woman, we must give equal time to the guys. But frankly, most of the guys on our friends list are musicians or actors, and we cannot in good faith endorse men in these professions as romantic prospects. So we’re going to go with Will, a 28-year-old Greensboroan whose picture album is dedicated to the art of drinking and whose friends list is densely populated with tanned, smiling women.

Donna Edmundson

If we’re going to list our most attractive friends, then we must make mention of Donna Edmondson, whose pictorial as Playboy magazine’s 1987 Playmate of the Year still gives us the shivers. Ms. Edmondson, the former UNCG student, currently resides right here in the Gate City and she says she still has the red 1987 Corvette that came with her title. We assume she still has the curves as well.

Freedom of Choice Jeans

Sure, there are dozens of clothing companies that want to cozy up to a big-time publication like YES! Weekly (okay, maybe three or four of them), cashing in on our street cred to move the merchandise. But our favorite has got to be FoC, Los Angeles-based maker of $100-and-up booty pants that look fantastic on people who get paid to wear clothes. But don’t expect to see jeans like this around here – the closest distributor is in McLean, Va.

The Tremors

We have tons of bands on our friends list, too – far too many to give individual shout-outs. But if we had to pick just one it would be these guys, the rockabilly trio from the Gate City who walk the walk (and whose last CD came with 3-D glasses… cool!). They get the nod because they’ve been associated with the magazine from the very beginning and also because we just plain like their style.

Percy Sledge

Okay, he’s not an official “friend” of YES! Weekly, but we’ve got the footage to prove that R&B legend Percy Sledge has at least once uttered the name of our paper while actually holding a copy. When a man loves a weekly, he’s willing to keep the tux and bling on for a few extra moments and do a spot in his hotel room. The video, courtesy of Joe Ferguson, loads directly to the YES! Weekly MySpace page. Doesn’t get more friendly than that.

Ira – the US Constitution

Ira is a 60-year-old guy from Boston, Mass. who generates a podcast about the US Constitution. And though he may seem a bit, uh, old to be cruising MySpace, we admire the way he’s taken to the form, using it as a way to get the younger generation interested in their inalienable rights. He must on to something: The guy’s got more than 10,000 friends.

YES! Weekly staff

Just about all of us have our own individual MySpace personas, most of which give a pretty accurate picture of who we are and what we do, though we haven’t fact-checked marketing executive Brad McCauley’s site yet and we have concerns that Rachel Brear’s page focuses a bit to much on cats. And we are reasonably sure that nobody is surfing MySpace when they should be working.