YES! Weekly’s ten best student discounts

by Chris Lowrance

School Services

The cut: You already paid for it.

Congrats, college freshmen, on the beginning of your collegiate career. Now that your parents have lugged in your mini-fridge, hugged you goodbye and screeched down the highway towards their newly emptied nest, you’re going to realize something. Whether it happens while buying, ahem, soda, shoving untold quarters into a broken washing machine, or trying to move into an apartment after discovering you hate dorm life, it’s going to hit you like a lead bullet: Life is expensive. Luckily, you’ve entered a time of your life you won’t experience again until you’re a senior citizen, a magical period where life costs a little less. That little card your school gave you with your face on it? It’s your pass to the wonderful world of student discounts. Before heading out, though, be sure to search your own campus. Most schools have a plethora of services that, while not really discounted, were including in the student fees you’ve already paid. UNCG, for example, has a free gym, free DVD rental service, free or cheap health services, and free admission to campus sporting events. The administration’s too busy trying to get alumni to donate more, so they probably haven’t told you about all this. Ask around.

Movie theaters

The cut: matinee prices on evening shows

Remember when seeing a movie was cheap? No one under 40 does, but students can take a tiny step back towards those halcyon days by flashing their college ID. Most theaters around Greensboro will give students the matinee price all night long, including the Carousel at 1305 Battleground Ave, the Grande in Friendly Center at 4631 High Point Road, and the Carmike at 4822 Koger Blvd. Just don’t buy food – you can get a good meal for the cost of a large popcorn and soda.


908 Spring Garden St.; 336.370.9099

The cut: 10 percent

With your dad no longer right there to rotate your tires and change your oil, you’ll discover cars are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. With officials dedicated to increasing the city’s “bikability,” two-wheeled transportation makes more and more sense. Recycles makes it cheap by refurbishing and reselling old bikes, parts, and equipment, as well as doing repairs and tune-ups for cutthroat rates. Add on a 10 percent cut, and there’s no finer option for moving sans-motor.

Yoga Classes

Family Yoga, 1616 E Battleground Ave.; 336.272.0005;

The Triad Yoga Institute 1712-A Spring Garden St.; 336.275.6622;

The cut: 10 percent off at Triad Yoga, lower rates at Family Yoga

If hauling textbooks from class to class is leaving you a little stiff, two local yoga studios will limber up at lower costs. The Triad Yoga Institute will cut you $10 off the regular rates, while Family Yoga has an entire set of lowered rates for the “bookends” of college kids, children, and seniors. Just remember: “Bending over backwards for an A” is just an expression. It will not work. Trust us.

Davis Design Art Supplies

343 S. Elm St.; 336.273.1052

The cut: 10 percent

Tucked in between a coffee hot spot and a micro brewery in Greensboro’s resurrected downtown is a stained glass door with the image of a painter’s pallet. On the other side is Grey Davis’s art supplies shop, a cramped space full to overflowing with all the unusual tools of the talented trades, and the media they transform into masterpieces. With a selection that beats the best of the big-box craft shops, and prices a starving artist can smile at, head here if you want a bottle of Higgins Black Magic waterproof ink and a sable hair number two script liner, or maybe just a bag of Crayola modeling clay for your little sister.


Greene Street Club – 113 N. Greene Street; 336.273.4111

The N Club- 117 S Elm St.; 333.9300

The cut: Drink specials and free admission for women

Forbes may put Greensboro at the bottom of its top 40 towns for singles, but we know the city’s nightlife is transforming into a happening scene. Bars, pubs and nightclubs abound, and some, such as Greene Street and the N Club, have “college nights.” The N Club’s is Wednesday, Greene Street’s is Tuesday, and your ID will get you access to 25 cent drafts and other deals, provided your other ID shows the proper age. College women also get in free all night at the N Club and til 11 p.m. at Greene Street. Guys rest assured: It ain’t about you.

Ink Cartridge Shops

Cartridge World- 1603 Battleground Ave Suite B; 336.273.5303

Ink Restore- 2403-2 Battleground Ave.; 336.288.5551

3106 Kathleen Ave.; 297.0385

The cut: 15 percent from CW, 10 percent at IR.

You’ll learn the value of a good ink cartridge after finishing that 20-page paper 10 minutes before it’s due, only to discover your printer will only spit out a faded greenish blue. Unfortunately a year’s worth of ink usually costs more than the printer itself. Luckily, Greensboro has two stores for refurbished and refilled printer supplies, and both give discounts for students and teachers. For an even deeper cut, bring in your old cartridge – they’ll give you a fresh one at a lower rate, refill your old one, and sell it to the next person to stumble in crying over an illegible essay on Faulkner.

The Idiot Box

203 South Elm Street; 336.274.BOXX;

The cut: A buck off the $8 ticket price.

So you’ve got three exams tomorrow, you’ve studied for none, you just got dumped again, and your roommate’s boyfriend is staying over every single night. Misery loves comedy. The Idiot Box will take a dollar off your ticket price, perhaps because they remember what you’re going through. And because of the location, if the jokes are falling flat you can always mope in one of the nearby pubs. Nobody knows your name, but occasionally that’s a good thing.

The North Carolina Zoo

4401 Zoo Parkway; Asheboro; 800.488.0444

The cut: Two bucks off the $10 ticket.

Did you know the NC Zoo is the largest walk-through natural-habitat zoo in the nation? If you grew up around here you do, because you were dragged through it on at least five field trips. For you out-of-staters, however, the Zoo is worth the half hour jaunt down Highway 220, and not just because of the discount. The nation’s first state-supported zoological park, the NC Zoo is still regarded as one of the best in the nation, with an impressive array of animals in spacious recreations of their natural habitats. Wear walking shoes – it’s about five miles around the entire park. And don’t miss the polar bears.

Student Advantage Discount Card

It almost sounds like a sham – $20 a year for a membership card to get discounts from everyone from Amtrak to Target. But they said the same thing about wholesale warehouses like Costco. As it turns out, you can save a lot of money with the Student Advantage card, which will grab you 15 percent off a Greyhound bus ticket home, 25 percent off a pair of those hip horn-rimmed glasses from Pearle Vision and 15 percent off a order to patch up things with your girlfriend. Again. As for that membership fee, get your folks to pay it.