Yogi’s Bar and Grill in Greensboro features delicious entrees as well as tasty finger food.

Smarter than your average bar

“If you were to use steak sauce on a steak this good, it would be a travesty,” my brother said as he inhaled the juicy tenderloin at Yogi’s Bar and Grill in Greensboro.

The restaurant is located at 223 S. Elm Street, in the building formerly known as Harlem Bistro. I had never been to Harlem Bistro, but I can’t imagine that it was better than Yogi’s. In fact, I haven’t had anything as good as Yogi’s in a long time.

James Panter, the owner of the new restaurant, wanted to reinvent the “feel” of it to set a friendly, open atmosphere while still keeping a high level of class.

“Before now, people would come in and have to spend anywhere from $18-$30 to get a meal here,” Panter says, “I wanted people to feel welcome to come in for lunch if they want.”

When you walk into the building, you’re taken aback by how gorgeous the interior is. With the high ceilings, two floors and the walls decorated in mirrors, it has a “Sunday” feel to it. This is the place that I want to be on the weekends. There is a bar at the entrance, and Panter appreciates that because he wanted this place to give guests a “Cheers” vibe. Well executed.

We got our palates warmed up with gator bites, mozzarella sticks, crab cake bites and beer battered mushrooms. I bring my brother along on these reviews because he is a foodie, and because he knows what quality gator tastes like. Every appetizer that we tried was excellent. His favorite was the gator, and my favorite was the mozzarella sticks. Sometimes when eating fried food, you are left with a greasy aftertaste. Every fried appetizer tasted so good, I would have sworn it was baked.

The next course was the chicken course. We were served a sampler of chicken tenders and a variety of wings. Before I describe how delicious the wings are, I think it’s imperative that I tell you how big they are. Yogi’s doesn’t just serve wings, they serve WINGS. Also, it’s important to point out that they are fried to perfection with a crispy texture. We tried the classic Buffalo and Hot Buffalo wings. My brother’s favorite was the Hot Buffalo because it had “a nice kick, but it wasn’t overpowering.” The Phoenix flavored wing was his second favorite. The Phoenix sauce, a homemade recipe by Chef Greg, is a special blend of sweet but peppery, and I would recommend it to everyone. My personal favorite was the Boom Boom wings. They are a magical combination of sweet and tangy that result in crispy deliciousness. We also tried the Lemon Pepper and BBQ wings, and they were both impressive. In case you are interested, and I think you should be, Wednesday nights are 50-cent wing nights.

Our main course was a steak garnished with shrimp skewers, lemon, red potatoes and a sweet potato hash. The steak was lean and flavorful. Both potato sides were exquisite.

Yogi’s Bar and Grill is now open, but they will be hosting an official Grand Opening on Saturday, April 19, starting at noon. They will have drink specials, prizes and live music from 9pm-1am.

My only complaint about Yogi’s Bar and Grill is that there isn’t one on every corner. The staff is friendly, the food is fantastic and the ambiance is warm. Yogi’s Bar and Grill is an A+ establishment. !



Yogi’s is located at 223 S. Elm Street, Greensboro. They are now open Mon- Thurs from 11 a.m.-9 p.m, Fri from 11 a.m.-midnight and Sat 5 p.m.-midnight.