Yes! Weekly’s best local bargains

by Carla Knight

Leon’s Beauty School

1410 W. Lee St.; 336.274.4601;

Leon’s has been a member of the Greensboro community for the past 59 years. The stylists are not only friendly and professional but well known for their knowledge of the latest in hair trends. The salons charge $22 for a haircut, but if you are looking to save a few dollars Leon’s Beauty School offers haircuts starting at $9. While you might have to wait a few minutes for these busy stylists to find a free moment to pay special attention to your tresses, it is well worth your time and money.

Champion Automotive Service Center

4410 High Point Road; 336.854.1133

The best way to save a buck on an oil change is to do it yourself by purchasing a $3 oil filter and $8 worth of oil. However, not everyone has the time or the space to crawl under their car and get down and dirty. The best place to take your car for an oil change is Champion Automotive Service Center. At Champion you can get a basic oil change for $22.30 depending on the accessibility of your oil filter.

Rugged Wearhouse

1312 Bridford Parkway; 336.855.9381

You never have to wait for a holiday or sale to find a good deal at this clothing store. The Rugged Warehouse offers a wide variety of name brands well below the suggested retail price. If you are looking for trendy names like Chick by Nicky Hilton or Princy by Jessica Simpson, which normally run for around $80 to $110 a pop, you can find them here for around $20. Rugged Warehouse offers clothing, shoes and accessories for the entire family.

Total Wine & More

2976 Battleground Ave.; 336.235.0400;

5303 High Point Road; 336.235.2323;

Wine is fine and I’ll raise my glass to that. During the summer I enjoy kicking back on my front porch around dusk and sipping a nice glass of Ravenswood red zinfandel. In the grocery stores Ravenswood typically runs between $10 and $14, but at Total Wine & More my favorite red can be purchased for $8.49. Total Wine & More boasts literally thousands of wines, and for those of you who don’t imbibe the grape they also offer an enormous selection of beer that can be purchased by the bottle or the case. Cheers!

Edward McKay Used Books and More

1410 Mill St., Suite 102; 336.274.4448;

If you are a combination of book lover and bargain shopper then Ed McKay’s will overload your senses and send you straight to literary nirvana. This store is busting at the seams with both hardcover and paperback editions of books in every conceivable genre. Not only does Ed McKay’s feature thousands of books ‘— most under $10 and some less than $1 ‘— they also offer hundreds of movies, CDs, audio books and video games. They will soon be moving to a bigger and better location at 1607 Battleground Ave.

Bryan Park

6275 Bryan Park Road; 336.375.8557;

I have to be honest: The last time I actually hit a golf ball was when I was about 16 and my ultimate goal was to hit a fluorescent green ball into a plastic clown’s mouth. While I am not a golfer, my father and a number of my friends enjoy the game. If you don’t mind a bit of a stroll and playing during twilight hours Bryan Park is the best bang for your buck, offering multiple courses on 1,550 acres, as well as PGA instructors. For as little as $15 you can play a round of golf on the Players Course. If your abilities are more advanced, Bryan Park also offers two Championship Courses for a slightly higher rate and a mandatory cart fee.

Circuit City

4217 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro; 336.547.0208;

1030 Mall Loop, High Point; 336.841.1280;

Circuit City is well known for selling electronics as well as movies, games, cell phones, computer accessories and more. I have always found a great deal on televisions at this store. The price of Circuit City’s 20-inch flat screen televisions run neck and neck with their competitors. However, the selection of 24- to 27-inch flat screens pulls them ahead of the pack offering a 24 for under $130 and a 27 for under $250. Whoever said size doesn’t matter is still watching his favorite shows on a 19-inch picture tube.

Michaels: The Arts and Crafts Store

3721 Battleground Ave.; 336.282.8793;

1206 Bridford Parkway; 336.297.4015;

Michaels’ prices have always been reasonable compared to its competitors, but for those of you who are avid coupon clippers as well as do-it-yourselfers then you are in for a treat. Michaels frequently offers coupons for 40 percent off any regular priced item and on extra special occasions will up the ante and offer 50 percent off coupons. There is nothing like the feeling of taking home a $50 painting for only $25.

Super Flea Market

1921 W. Lee St.; 336.373.7400;

As the saying goes, ‘“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,’” and a treasure is just what you might find at the Super Flea Market, which is held one weekend a month in the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion. Dealers display both new and used clothing, jewelry, furniture, antiques, home décor and collectables. If you are good at the art of haggling then you might walk away with a real find on your own terms.

Factory Eyeglass

1700-C Stanley Road; 336.294.9719;

As a member of the four-eyed elite I have frequently embarked on a search for the best deal on glasses only to be insolently surprised by those nasty little extras that turn a $100 pair of glasses into a $400 pair of spectacles. At Factory Eyeglass there are no hidden charges. With their up-front-no-bull attitude all package prices include both the frame and the lenses and start as low as $39.95.