You ain’t seen nothing yet, bababababy

by Ogi Overman

Now that the North Carolina primary is mercifully over and all the robo-callers, operatives and hacks have bagged up their carpet and moved on to the next whorehouse, a few random thoughts on a hopelessly twisted way to choose a president are in order:

• Excuse me for feeling used and abused, but I’d just as soon the contests be decided before it’s our turn next time around. The excitement I thought I’d feel by having the contenders here just never materialized. Maybe it’s all the slime being slung around by Hillary, but rather than feel uplifted by being a part of the process, I merely feel more convinced than ever that it’s dragged on way too long. There’s got to be a better way.

• If I were asked to put my feelings into one word, that word would be “disillusioned.” Of course, that’s not exactly a new state of mind for me; it’s been lingering off and on for, oh, 40 years. The only difference is that now it’s my fellow Democrats who are causing it.

• I really loved Bill Clinton, I truly did. It wasn’t Monica that soured the feeling for me, but rather the sorry showing he’s making on the campaign trail lately. He’s been caught in no fewer than three lies where there is video and/or audio that disputes his version. And that’s not even counting his pulling the race card, the fear card and any other card from the bottom from the deck to discredit or marginalize Obama.

• Sunday a friend told me in all sincerity that she’s probably going to vote for Obama, even though he’s a Muslim. She was actually telling me that Islam was really a gentle religion and that almost all Muslims were peace-loving people. I finally stopped her and told her I agreed, except for one small detail – Obama is not a Muslim. Never was. Been a Christian the whole time.

This is how the GOP slime machine floats a lie as fact, not unlike the way the administration at one time had a majority of the US populace believing that Saddam and bin Laden were on the same team on 9-11.

• I’ve not seen a more impressive performance by a politician than Obama’s on Sunday’s “Meet The Press.” Tim Russert threw everything he had at him, and Obama deflected every missile with the aplomb, poise and dignity I’ve not seen since… since forever. If you saw it, you now know why Rove and the GOP gutter-dwellers so desperately want to run against Hillary. They’ll come at him with the lowest form of despicable and loathsome Swift-Boating flotsam and he will ward it off effortlessly. He’s the statesman we’ve been craving for eight long years.

• My Bush countdown calendar is so repulsive that my wife made me take it off the kitchen wall. Her food cannot digest properly with photos of him in the same room. I must say, though, it is helping my diet – every time I look at it I wretch.

• It was certainly interesting to watch Republican Pat McCrory campaign for governor on the Democratic issue of change. (As I write, it’s three days before the primary, but I’m assuming he won, or at least forced a runoff.) It was a brilliant strategy, a way of distancing himself from Bush without having to come out and say so, and with an ineffective Democrat in office – who endorsed Hillary, BTW – it actually made sense. This is indeed the year of change, and with things as bad as they are in so many ways, it’s clearly a winner. (Psssst, but don’t tell McCain.)

• Brace yourself. If Obama does win the nomination, this will be the dirtiest presidential campaign in history. Come to think of it, if Hillary wins it will still be the dirtiest ever. Because the Republicans have nothing to run on, they have no choice but to attack, go negative and enlist the Switft-Boaters until they’re neck-deep in mud. Before it’s over, Barack Hussein Obama will be a subversive, a draft-dodger, an atheist, a half-breed, a homosexual, a child predator, a philanderer, a mongrel, a communist, a polygamist, mentally impaired, manic depressive, a tax evader, a Black Panther, a Nation of Islam member, a pornographer, a terrorist, an alien abductee, syphilitic, a drug addict, a misogynist, a pro-Arabian America hater. You must know that Rove & Co. have no lower ethical boundaries and that nothing is off limits.

• I interviewed Kay Hagan and my last question was, “If some prosecutor out there brings charges against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield for crimes against humanity, would you support convening a Nuremburg-type war crimes tribunal in the Senate?” She pooh-poohed the question, saying she’d have to take a pass on that one. She obviously didn’t think I was serious.

I was.

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