Young blogger feels confident after hosting a successful networking event

“20 Something Doin’ Something is a meet and greet, giving people an opportunity to mingle with three individuals in their 20s that I have been able to feature and tell a little about their stories in my blog,” said Whitney Daniel, a young aspiring fashion entrepreneur and blogger who’s impact is being recognized throughout the Triad. Held at Delurk Art Gallery, 20 Something Doin’ Something (20SDS) is a networking event where people are able to get to know other innovative and business minded people in the city.

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Daniel has always been interested in different areas of art. She began playing musical instruments, competing in art competitions and acting in musicals in elementary school. She learned how to sew at age 8. Her love for crafting things expanded through high school, where she began making jewelry pieces, modeling and putting together fashion shows. She joined her high school’s yearbook to learn more about photography and graphic design. “I had taken two art classes already just to receive credits but I had an art teacher named Mr. Hawks who would always enter me in competitions and was always on me about my work,” said Daniel. “He wanted me to take higher level art courses and did not accept no for an answer.”

Daniel’s parents are successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and she believes their achievements have shaped her character and influenced her college aspirations. She attended Meredith College to study fashion merchandising and business marketing after graduating from Parkland High School in 2007. After completing several of her major courses, she began to fall in love with the business side of fashion and the marketing aspects of the industry. Although she didn’t take art classes in college, she began blogging and publishing during her free time. “I created two blogs in college that were not a success,” said Daniel, “and I told myself I would never go back to it because of how time consuming it can be. And here I am today with my third blog, Snooty Judy.” Ultimately, Daniel wants to own a creative agency. Her blog’s tagline, “where inspiration is free,” is the Trojan horse to produce and share beautiful things. She uses her blog as a portfolio and inspiration to create things. In the future she wants to help companies with branding, social media, photoshoots, videos, fashion shows – just to name a few – and believes her blog is the tool to make those goals reality.

After college Daniel did not know what she wanted to do. “I created 20SDS because right out of college it is a confusing period,” said Daniel. “You want a good job but you also need to figure out what you want to do. I wanted to dedicate it to those who are in their 20s trying to find a way to pursue their dreams because it can be very hard and I admire their work ethic. I wanted to highlight and share what they are doing.

“20SDS has several purposes. It is an approach to get young 20 somethings to support budding businesses being created by their peers. It is a different way for young but business minded people to share ideas and network with each other in a comfortable setting. Lastly, it is a good time where people can mingle and just see what others have going on in the community.”

Daniel noticed that other cities were hosting unique events but none in Winston for young African Americans. This inspired her to create this innovative platform.

This year’s 20SDS featured REVE Lips, Britany Pollock McCandies and My Coins Matter, and Savory Sweets by Shonise. The event received positive reviews. Held on June 11, attendees participated in a marketing bingo game, which was a way for individuals to interact with people they may not know. The venue featured art work and the three featured 20 somethings each had their own table for guests to visit and learn more about their brand. Guests traveled from Charlotte and Raleigh to attend, meaning that Daniel’s message is not only resonating in her hometown but in other regions across North Carolina. “I was pleased with the response to the event,” said Daniel. “At first I was beating myself up about things that I wish I would have done differently or ways I wish it could’ve been but to get online and see others positively respond to the event on social media was really awesome and made me confident.”

In the future Daniel hopes to travel to cities such as Atlanta or New York City to host 20SDS and inspire young entrepreneurs in those areas. “I have a lot of ideas in my head and I am just working on bringing them to life,” said Daniel. !