A Brand New Chapter for the Texas Pete® Culinary Arts Festival

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

(Winston-Salem, N.C.)—The Texas Pete® Culinary Arts Festival (TPCAF) has been a destination event for Winston-Salem since 2014. This year, however, the Texas Pete® team is planning an entirely new format for the important event. Glenn Garner, CMO, Garner Foods, stated, “From the very first year we organized the Texas Pete® Culinary Arts Festival, it was our intention to support the event for three years and then re-evaluate the value and format. We have had three great years, and now we have decided it’s time to re-invent the festival in order to grow in new directions.”

The goal of the TPCAF has been to draw visitors and community members together to enjoy the vibrant art, cuisine, and culture of Winston-Salem. The city is home to many incredible independent restaurants and talented chefs. Texas Pete® wanted to create a festival to showcase all that Winston-Salem has to offer. Downtown Winston-Salem continues to be just as important to the identity and unique personality of Texas Pete® as it has always been. The TPCAF staff and leadership will be working hard to improve on how the event benefits the community and all its sponsors with the re-launch of the festival.

Garner states, “Rest assured that it will continue to be my mission, as well as the mission of the entire festival staff, to find new and better ways to bring the people of our community together for great food, music, and fellowship.”

While there are not many details about the new version of the TPCAF, it has been confirmed that the event will likely be moving to a different time of year and will feature significant format changes. Because a time of re-evaluation was always part of the plan since the festival was first begun, it should be emphasized that any changes to the format or presentation of the festival will come with fresh ideas and new insights on how to move the important event forward. Rather than resting on past success, the Texas Pete® team will be taking the event back to the planning phase to see how the past experiences can present new ways to draw new attendees and participants to the event.

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