a m u s e BOUCHE

by Brian Clarey

An admission: I am an inveterate snacker. And I like the salty stuff. I like chips both potato and corn. I can suck down entire bags of poofy, orange-colored cheesy things. And hard pretzels? Forget about it. I’ve got a two-bag per week habit. So naturally I was overjoyed when I found on my desk this morning a bag of a new flavor of Doritos — well, half a bag… Publisher Charles Womack got to them first. They’re called Spicy Sweet Chili. And they’re pretty awesome. And then the mailman delivered a package addressed to me from my friends at Medora Snacks, purveyors of healthy snacking alternatives. Inside were three flavors of a new product, called Corners, that are tortillas made from popped corn, extra-virgin olive oil and all-natural ingredients. I particularly liked the plain sea salt flavor. The nacho chgeese ones tasted good but smelled like farts. And the ranch… the ranch flavored Corners can stand next to any product Doritos puts out. Moving on…. Wednesday sees a Unibroue beer dinner at Vintage 301 in Greensboro. Unibroue is an upscale brewery out of Quebec, and some prefer top call it “Unibrow.” Check the site at for more info. Also on Wednesday, Green Drinks Greensboro meets on the third floor of Natty Greene’s at 5:30 to discuss matters of sustainability and environmental awareness while drinking beer. On Thursday, BestHealth in Winston- Salem hosts a seminar on cholesterol-free cuisine with Chef Barry Moody from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Moody will prepare and dish out cholesterol-free recipes in the Hanes Mall. Because February is also National Heart Month. Also on Thursday, UNCG hosts Anne M. Fletcher at 7 p.m. in the Sullivan Science Building. According to a presser, “Fletcher wrote the national best-sellers Thin for Life, Eating Thin for Life and Sober for Good. Her latest book, Weight Loss Confidential, is based on first-hand accounts from students who lost weight and kept it off.” Also, the Greensboro Marketing Association hosts its annual dinner at the Koury Convention Center. Political comedy troupe Capitol Steps will provide entertainment. For more information check out On Friday, Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem starts pouring wine for free tastings and they don’t stop until Saturday. Also on Friday, EarthFare holds the final installment of its Cancer Project cooking class. Today they’ll be talking about immuneboosting foods and maintaining healthy weight. It begins at noon, andf reservations can be made by calling 336.369.0190. Also, fruit growers in the US can’t seem to decide of February is grapefruit month (Texas), strawberry month (Florida), cherry month (Michigan) or sweet-potato month (the South). But because sweet potatoes grow just about all year long in North Carolina, that’s what I’m going with. So go make a pie.