a m u s e BOUCHE

by Brian Clarey


Well, we’ve got the first stage of the garden done and our compost is mulching as we speak. I’m hoping it will bring me more in tune with the natural cycles of food and weather, and I plan to keep everyone posted on my progress in these pages. But right now I’m thinking about the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, and my genetic predisposition to corned beef, potatoes, cabbage and whiskey. Sure an’ begorrah, I’ll be making a corned beef this week, likely after the holiday when the things go on wicked sale. Cabbage and potatoes, of course, are staples in my family. And whiskey… well, I’ll take it when I can get it. They don’t serve whiskey at Cracker Barrel restaurants — there would probably be too many fights over tables. But the rocking-chair restaurant brings a bit of the honky-tonk flavor with the exclusive distribution rights of Dolly Parton’s newest CD, Backwoods Barbie — Collector’s Edition. If you’re looking for a Dolly Parton joke here, forget it. I’ll never say a bad word about Parton. Or Erlene Mandrell, for that matter. Dewey’s Bakery announces the seasonal release of its famed Pink Lemonade Cake, which like the robins comes out every spring. The pink cake with “zesty” lemon frosting, according to a press release, is available at all Dewey’s Bakery outlets. Now, on to the happenings. Wednesday sees another installment of Apurva Darling’s vegetarian cooking class at EarthFare in Greensboro at 6 p.m. Darling used to own Govinda’s on Tate Street, and her cuisine is legendary among bean eaters and omnivores alike. Register at 336.369.0190. Jump forward to Saturday, and EarthFare will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day celebration beginning at 11 a.m. and featuring Irish cheese, Irish stout and Irish music. If you’re lucky enough to have Irish twins — that’s two siblings, born at different times, but so close in age they are in the same grade at school — bring them on down to decorate a cookie. Non-Irish twins may also decorate cookies. Also on Saturday, Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem holds a Giving Grill from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Five bucks buys lunch and benefits the Whole Planet Foundation. The event also features a performance by Too Human. On Monday, March 16, Chik-fil-A joins the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America to celebrate the ride’s 15th anniversary. More than 200 riders will buzz through Randleman to raise money for Victory Junction Gang Camp. The ride begins this year in Stevens, Wash. and makes overnight stops in Richland, Wash.; Sun Valley, Idaho; Park City, Utah; Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Hays, Kan.; Kansas City, Mo.; Batesville, Ark.; and Nashville, Tenn., before reaching Greensboro, NC on Monday. No word yet on which Chik-fil-A will be graced with these noble bikers. This just in: Noble’s Grill in High Point will begin offering a three-course prix fixe menu with options like butter-poached Gulf shrimp with risotto and lemon cream; wood-grilled salmon with ivory lentils, bacon, arugula and Dijon butter; and espresso bean cr’me brulee. They also announce a new bar menu with small plates starting at around six bucks.