a m u s e BOUCHE

by Brian Clarey

This weekend I bought a pitchfork, a bale of hay and about a hundred pounds of cow manure. I never thought I’d be able to say something like that. We conditioned the soil with peat, crap, water and hay, and my boots will never be the same. But the soil is coming along nicely as the worms work their magic. We’ve got flowers and vegetable seeds sprouting in pots, and in another week or so we will begin the planting. We are still looking for a solution to our compost problem: Animals are eating it. If you get a chance, write me at and tell me what to do with all this rotten food. Perhaps I will attend EarthFare’s Grow What You Eat Workshop on Tuesday, March 31 with Karen Neil, Urban horticulture agent with NC Cooperative Extension in Guilford County, but I’ll be sure to reserve a spot first by calling336.375.5876.

EarthFare, by the way, is also holding a recycled art contest. Submissions will be accepted through March 31, and more information is available at Moving on…. Greensboro foodie Brad Semon will be cooking at Rim Tapas restaurant on South Elm Street a few nights a week and will be working on a new menu with my friend Greg Brown. Look for more information on this page soon. Bill’s Pizza Pub has opened a new location in Oak Ridge at the Sixty Eight Shopping Center. There will be pizza and there will be beer. On Wendesday, EarthFare hosts yet another vegetarian cooking class focusing on greens. The supermarket’s community coordinator, Meggan Reagan, and demo coordinator, Mackenzie Logan, start things at 6 p.m. for Greens Glorious Greens. High in iron, don’t you know. Also on Wednesday, Green Drinks Winston-Salem meets at 5:30 p.m. at Krankie’s to discuss all things green. Saturday sees free chair massages at Winston-Salem’s Whole Foods Market. Beginning at noon, Marijean from Gray Chiropractic will work out those knots and kinks. On Sunday, head out to Browns Summit for a vineyard planting at Bettini Farm, 2830 Lees Chapel Road, which begins at 10 a.m. Bring a shovel, work gloves, measuring tape and, if you can, a potluck dish for lunch at noon. Call 336.255.2386 for more information. Room for one more? This week’s fast-food outrage comes courtesy of a Vancouver Taco Bell, which charged a customer $150 on his debit card for $15 worth of food. The man says he didn’t notice the charge until he started receiving overdraft notices for each chalupa and Meximelt he purchased, as well as each subsequent purchase on the account. The good news is that Taco Bell refunded the $150 and sent the man a check to cover all his overdraft fees. The bad news is that, you know, the guy still ate $15 worth of Taco Bell. That’s gotta hurt.